• So, last week I see these folks walking down the street with what, in size, ears, tail and everything my untrained eye can see, looks like a basenji. There's one problem, it was mostly white, with kind of a 'saddlebag' area of red. My fella, a red/white, is outside at the time so they yell out asking "what kind of dog is that?", I answered, and they kept walking. Had I had shoes on at the time I would have caught up to them to chat. I hope to see them again when I can talk with them.

    So my question, for someone more knowledgeable, is this a possible color combination for a pure basenji? I'm often asked if mine is a Jack Russell, and I know they have more white, but I swear, if it were not for the color, I would have sworn this to be a basenji.

    If they come by again (there is a good probability, given my location) I will try to chat with them and get a picture.

  • Yes, basenjis can be predominantly white, though it is considered a fault by our standard.

  • Thank-you, Ivoss. I had assumed it would be a fault, but was wondering if it was even possible. I really hope I can run into these folks again and they let me take a picture of their dog. If they live near here and weren't visiting, I'm likely to see them again as the weather gets warmer. The fact that they asked me what mine was says they don't know what they have. I really want to talk to these folks, could be interesting. 🙂

  • Also it's very possible that they have a mix. The Basenji genes are often strong, and the mix looks very Basenji-like! Look at the pictures of the Beagle/Basenji cross puppies from Anubis's Mommy here under the Basenjis For Sale or Wanted thread - some looked totally Beagle, and some totally Basenji!

    And Kathy (Khani's Basenjis) had a litter of IG/Basenjis a couple of years ago. Many of them looked like Basenjis with IG coloring!


  • I have to agree that Basenji traits are very strong in mixes. When Liz, of Brat called us about fostering a 3 to 5yo male Basenji, there was no mention that he might be a mix. Karin and I went to pick him up and to all appearances he was total B. During our 60 mile drive home we decided that we were going to adopt him as he was so laid bqck. Over the next 4 or 5 days we began to see many very small clues that he wasnt all B. It was true, his coloring was definately B, he had the wrinkles on his forhead, 4 white feet, tightly curled tail with a white tip, at a glance he was total Basenji. However, he is more muscular than a male B, deeper in the chest, hevier hind quarters, looks like a small Am Staf. But all in all, he is our barooing buddy since he can not bark, lol.

  • How much did he weigh? My Arnie's dad, Davie, was a bigger B. He weighed 29 lbs. at his normal weight and had a broader chest and head. He was a PB and was told by an old time breeder that he looked like some of males in the long time past. She actually liked his looks. He came from all commercial breeder/BYB stock-most of the names are familiar to many! His registered name is Hudgens Sweet Shortie David if anyone wants to look at his pedigree. My Arnie does not have as large as a head as his mom had a narrower one and was petite but it is distinctive and I have been able to locate several of his relatives on the BRAT available dogs list just by looking at the shape of their heads. Do you have any background information on your foster failure?


  • I have not idea, He was just a dog walking down the street. Very basenji - like

  • Here in the UK in early days there were Basenjis born with a great deal of white (more like Ibby colouring). Most of these were culled or never bred from as it was (and is) considered a major colour fault.

  • Thanks all for the responses. I am hopeful that I will see this dog again and will definitely ask to get a photo. It was just kinda weird, most of the dogs i see walking by my house are labs or 'mini' somethings. I truly hope I may see these folks and the dog again. If they live across the bridge, where they came from, it is likely i will see them again.

    Here's hopin'! I would be so happy to find another Basenji owner, faults and all, in my neighborhood 🙂

  • Yeah, sorry folks, haven't seen this dog again. I'm still hopeful, unless, like I said earlier, they were just visitors to "the hood". I do work outside the home, full time, and don't hang out on the driveway the way my folks do. Hmm! perhaps I should…...

    I live on a dead end street that has 3 houses...I'm the middle one... the reason I think I may see this dog again is that there is a pedestrian bridge at the end of my street, and I think they came from there. We get a lot of foot traffic from across the hwy. 'cause we have Dairy Queen just a couple blocks away.

    If I don't see them soon, we may have to take a walk across the bridge ourselves to see if we can find this dog. I have had good experiences the few times I've gone over there.

    BTW: My fella loves going across the bridge. He gets to pretend he's bigger than those semi's flying by below us. 🙂 I don't do it too much because when I'm walking him, it's usually for him to do his business, which he won't do on the concrete bridge. We have a park behind us that is just as fun and he will do his business. 🙂

  • This is a response to a post from dcmclcm4 (Jennifer) posted on 4/5/2012. I think she was asking about Mr Baroo when she asked about his weight and if we had any background information on our foster failiar. Baroo is now about 2 1/2 at at his last visit to the vet weighed 25 1/2 pounds, he stands about 1 inch taller than Bitty, when they stand side by side he looks totally B. As for any background all we know is that he was picked up trotting alongside a farm road in north central Missouri. He was kept in a county pound for 2 weeks and then the local vet took him to keep in his hospital until Brat found us to supposedly foster him. He is a fantastic little guy, looks and acts B, except for his muscle builder physicue.

  • Mr. Baroo could be related as Davie was living in MO but I am not sure exactly where. I would have to do some research to find out where his breeder lived at. He was sold at a dog auction in SW MO when he was an adult.


  • This is the way I color mine-

    Sorry had to post again-

  • First Basenji's

    I am just posting this as an FYI. I thought it looked like an extra muscular Tri Basenji, but I was told it was a breed all it's own. google Decker Rat Terrier. Very popular in the southern states for hunting. Very interesting….

  • Someone who lives near me has a Black & White one. Good looking little dogs. Look very much like a basenji, thats for sure. Wonder what their temperament / personality is like?

  • It is difficult to tell a tri Rat Terrier from a tri Basenji in some of the shelter photos. I have to ask does it have a tail and what type!


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