• O.k so I got home today as fast as i could cause my B was nipping at my daughter so I told her to go in her room and wel when he is left alone he poops ….so I get home and I clean up my dear champ's mess and proceed to take him for his run. We ran for an hour he played with a pit bull and when we got home he started with the nipping, but it seems it is getting a bit rougher at least towards my 12 year old daughter. So we go through the whole routine no bit no bit, I hold him down by the collar, make him sit and try get him to relax. Anyway to make this long story short I don't know what his deal is with my daughter. She's good with him but she can't handle the nipping so her interaction with him is not as it was when he first arrived. Needless to say that I'm agravated because she is my daughter and he can hurt. But anyway we sit down for dinner and he's jumping on the table...no champ down I say and as soon as I get up and stand next to him he gets down. Oops I forgot..let's rewind...when he was nipping my daughter I stood in front of her and told him no biting and he bit me/nipped me I went after him..no screaming just following him and he went under the bed. Now he used to do this whenever we played but now I'm wondering is he afraid. I don't see ..we are not rough with him and yesturday when he peeped in the kitchen he ran under the bed....this is my first wonder..is he afraid?

    O.k so now we move to dinner..well I'm exhausted and just want him to stay still like a good boy the way he can so I gave him one of the beef rib bones my daughter was eating.....Horay he loved it and stood still for 30 min. Now he is calm and just wants to relax. Here's my second wonder...I heard that rawhide can cause dogs to throw up so is there a substitute I can use since I guess he likes bones..go figure I mean he is a dog after all.

    Anyway thanks to all of you who read my babbling on, like I said I'm exhausted and this forum has become my outlet.

    Any suggestions.

    FYI...the trainer is coming on Saturday and we are gonna get a crate

  • Please make sure your trainer uses positive reinforcement training. And, just so you know, cooked bones are very dangerous for dogs. Raw good…cooked bad...they splinter and can cause punctures in the intestines.

    What you are describing with the biting, sounds like normal puppy play. Good luck with the trainer....I think that will help you a lot!

  • ditto on what andrea said

    also, maybe try babygating him away from the dining room while you are eating, at least until you get some good training techniques. it has taken me months to get fender to leave us alone while we are eating. if i am not sitting at the table with holden (my 3 yr old human) fender (9 month old basenji) will still run in there to try to take advantage of him.
    i have started leaving the bottle of chew detterent on the table, he knows what it is so he stays away, lol.
    good luck!

  • I put most of our dogs in a crate while we eat, because it is so hard to teach them polite table manners when you have a preschooler! But a simple way to control them during dinner, if you want them in the room, is to put a light house line on them (long light leash) and either tether it away from the table, or step on it while you eat to keep them from jumping up.

    Funny story…I told Ethan 'if the puppy has one of your toys, tell me and I will spray it with bitter apple'....so he brings the prizes that the puppy finds and says 'clean it' 🙂

  • One suggestion with the nipping that you daughter can try is giving her back to Champ. As soon as he starts to nip give your back to him right away…indicating you don't want to play like that. The message you want to send is...CALM DOWN...I won't play with you if you're not calmer. Sounds like he's overwhelmed with the excitement of playing.

    Also try a water bottle...we carried one clipped to our waist for a loooong time. When they nip spray & when he retreats & calms down he earns a treat! When tries to jump on the table spray him & when he backs off & calms down he gets a treat!

    Good luck & hang in there...I promise he WILL get it. Give him some time. He's a little guy & it will take him some time to learn but he WILL get it I promise you!! Be consistent always!! 😃

  • I will try that gate. It will help will all the areas I don't want him to go for example dinner time and cleaning time. The leash is a good idea but i have gone through 3 leashes already so you can imagine his tolerance for being tied up. Hopefully the trainer will help us out a bit cause I am truly exhausted by the time I get into bed, but definetly positive reinforcement. Thanks again

  • Spray bottle is on the priority list for items to buy. We will stap it on us. I know this works because he's jumped on me when I'm wahing the dishes and I spray him and he leaves me alone. Champ is very persistant. We give him our backs and so he nipps our backs, behinds, legs even hair. Oh yes he loves to grab my pony tail and pull. He's so hyper but even now being here at work all I want to do is go home and kiss him. I guess he feels my daughter is his personal play mate and of course he dosen't get that we humans to nip. I have faith in ourr little B that he will get better…I hope

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