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  • Hello,

    I have two Basenjis, Newman, 7 year old male, and Quiz an 8 year old female, Newman is a black and white, Quiz, a red and white. I am curious as to if anyone has any experience with a flaky skin condition around the eyes, it appeared to start around the eye, and I thought maybe it was a scratch, however, it is white and flaky and seems to be advancing to both sides, the vet has taken samples and ruled out a fungus, however, it appears to not be getting better. The situation is for Newman, the black and white, he has no other coat issues, just around both eyes, extending to towards his nose, he does not seem bothered by this, no scratching etc…Quiz is fine with no evidence of transferring this, Newman is, and has been on antibiotics to try and cure this, he is taking 100mg of Simplicef, and seems to have slowed the progress of the condition, however, it is not getting better, any advice or experience with anything like this would be appreciated.

  • Hi Newman - welcome to the B Forums. I haven't a clue what the problem is. Maybe he has an alergy - or a reaction to shampoo? I would wash and rinse the area very well and maybe even rub a bit of olive oil into the area. Just my best guess of what you might try if you haven't already done so. I do hope Newman gets better soon. Maybe someone else has some better ideas.

  • It could be allergies too… especially this time of year with all the new growth and blooms.... And if it doesn't get better, ask your Vet for a referral to a Specialist.... IMO, best way to go....

  • Nala only had that as a puppy…nothing came up on any scrapings and I ended up at the doggy dermatologist. Still nothing diagnosed. She was on Clavamox on and off for the first yer or two of her life...while looking like a racoon. It seemed to have gone away on its own or the antibiotic finally did the trick. I hope you can get to the bottom of it. Keep us posted.

  • Thank you to all those who responded regarding the skin condition around our
    Boy's eyes! He is currently on an antibiotic called Sympliceph(sp) and has been taking it for about two months continuously without much result. We will have a recheck with our Vet in two weeks to see if things are improved. Although the area around his eyes looks pretty bad, it does not seem to be uncomfortable for him….. I hope. Anyway, if we learn anything valuable we will certainly pass it on.

  • Well welcome to the boards as always we would love to see pics!

  • Welcome to the boards! I am assuming the vet checked for tear production. That would be the only thing I could thing of. Does he rub his face on anything that could be irritating?

  • Welcome Newman & Quiz. Look forward to seeing pics soon. Good luck with the allergy problem. My Hollie scratches some, but so far that's all. Sorry I can't be more help.

  • I'm sorry, but I just have to add…(just like Seinfeld) "Hello, Newman." LOL...wink, wink!

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