TX-Longview-4 Brindle B Mixes-In High Kill Shelter

  • These dogs are in a high kill shelter and Tuesday may be their last day. Longview TX is near I-20 and is approximately 120 miles SE of Dallas and 60 miles W of Shreveport, LA. This e-mail was sent by the BRAT B mix coordinator:

    If you can help please contact:

    ellen@hsntx.org or Jackie@nextbestpets.com


    Can you save any of these cuties?

    ID #?s 15616049, 15616084, 15616088 & 15616089

    These four adorable pups are at the Humane Society of Northeast Texas located in Longview, Tx, http://www.hsntx.org/adopt.php which is a very high intake, high kill shelter. These pups have been at the shelter since 3/14 and are not likely to escape the EU line much longer. The shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday so if there is anyone out there that can either take even one of these pups into rescue or adopt please act quickly, Tuesday could be the end of the road for this cuties. These pups already have their adoption fees sponsored but nowhere to go. If you can help, please contact Ellen, the rehoming coordinator for this shelter at ellen@hsntx.org or the shelter at 903 297 2170 ext 204 and Jackie a volunteer who works closely with Ellen at jackie@nextbestpets.com she may be of assistance and more available during the hours that the shelter is closed.

    Humane Society of Northeast Texas

    303 Enterprise

    Longview, TX 75604

    (903) 297-2170




    Thank you,


    Lori King

    BRAT Mix Coordinator

    Basenji Rescue and Transport Inc.


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