TX-Tyler-2 Young Adult R & W Females PB-In Shelter

Here is the information about Bella & Honey: Walks on a leash, knows commands, likes cats and dogs, may need older children, likes to ride in a car, shy, energetic, friendly, and playful.

I have not contacted the shelter to see if they are still available. Tyler is located approximately 95 miles SE of Dallas/Ft.Worth.

Here are their Petfinder pages:




They have been turned over to BRAT; they are sisters whose owner died and the family dropped them at the shelter.

Oh that is so sad! How they must be missing their owner!

Basenji Mix

Is Darlene one of the girls? I saw her on BRAT and she was just posted two days ago!

No. The two sisters were Bella and Honey, I don't think BRAT would change their names.
They might not be ready for adoption yet.

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