Meet my boys Shaka & Yoda from SF.

welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear you have lost Shaka.
Several years ago when i had my first Basenji, Benji i contacted you on Shaka and Yoda's website and they emailed Benji back,lol

Hey Perry! I believe we've met before at a B match a long time ago. My boys come from breeder Jo Burke in Fresno - their parents were Shady and Stance (from San Diego, I believe).


Hi Shelly! Good to hear from you and Benji! Hope all is well.


What beautiful boys! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the pictures. I love the effects you used on some of them, and BTW, your place is gorgeous!
Yoda looks to be amazing at the age of 14! Obviously many years of excellent care. So sad to hear that Shaka passed.

Welcome to the forum. I'm just down the road in Redwood City. Been taking my all my Bs to Fort Funston/Ocean Beach since 1975.

unfortunately Benji went over the bridge aged 14 1/2 2009.
We now have two Basenjis, Malaika 2yrs and Kwame 1yr. I realy enjoyed looking at Shaka and yoda's website all those years ago and remember Bad Boys playing in the background 😃

Welcome to you and Yoda 🙂

Sorry about your loss of Shaka.

Hi Fran! Thanks for your compliments! I love photography and Yoda is my favorite model! 😉

Hi Dan!
Sadly, we haven't been to fort funston in years. Yoda gets tired when We walk around Dolores park.

Hi Shelley!
Having two young ones must be a lot of fun! And as for the web site, it's sad that it's no longer as a company had created it and hosted it, but now is out of business so I lost the site. The bad boys theme was pretty funny! I wished I had video'd it.
And Sorry to hear about Benji!

Your boys are part of the reason I have basenjis! When I was researching the breed, I attended the Basenji Club of Northern California's Specialty Show and one of your boys spent nearly the entire show in my lap. After that day, I knew I would at some point bring home a basenji and the following spring, I did just that. Nicky, turned 14 years old this past December.

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