New members Leeloo and Ruby

These are our two Basenjis Leeloo on the left and Ruby on the right. Leeloo we have had for 2 years and Ruby is a 6 month old rescue.

Welcome to the Forum. You'll find tons of great info here. I have a "Ruby" as well. 🙂

Welcome to the forum! They look like very nice pups.

Welcome. And you did it right, start out with the pics! LOVE IT! 🙂

Welcome to the forum - your pups look great, and thank you for going the rescue route!

Glad to have you all here! Lovely basenjis!

Welcome to you , Leeloo and Ruby. Cute picture.

I love the pic of the "family.." Leeloo and Ruby are both adorable. I am brand new to the site myself and hope to learn alot about these wonderful creatures.. Welcome to you and the furkids. Deb

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