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A pic of Leeloo and Ruby, just hanging out

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Just an update. Leeloo and Ruby are doing great. They love to wrestle, Go out in our yard and run around for hours if we let them. We had a trainer come in who has experience with Basenjis. She observed mostly the first day. She told us that Leeloo ( the older dog) is just correcting and claiming her space. She gave us a few tips and everything is great. The only problem is the training of Ruby. She is 7 months old and smart as can be, but she still has the occasional accident in the house. Other than that she is a great dog. Very lovable and cuddly, more so than Leeloo. Having a companion has helped Leeloo alot. She never was one to go out in in the yard and play. She always stayed near the deck and porch. Now with a companion they utilize the entire yard. She has opened up more and is having more fun. Thanks to all for the advice.

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@Debra, thanks for the info. All seems to be going well. A little growling and really only one or two outbursts over a treat. We just don't treat together anymore. I have an experienced basenji trainer coming in so we can better evaluate the two. I did post a pic of the two. Look at my avitar.

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These are our two Basenjis Leeloo on the left and Ruby on the right. Leeloo we have had for 2 years and Ruby is a 6 month old rescue.

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I have had a female Basenji that we got from a breeder when she was 4 months old. She is exactly two years old. She is a good dog, very social, loves the dog park and doggy day camp. She loves to go for walks to visit with the local dogs. She crys when she sees other dogs outside because ehe wants to play. We recently rescued a second female Basenji who is 6.5 months. The rescue dog is a sweetheart also, very laid back and lovable. She was abandoned on the strret and now she has a loving home. I have three sons who interact with the both dogs.

Here are my questions. The new dog has been in my home for 4 days now. They seem to get along nicely but every now and then the older female will get very nasty with her. This only happens once in a while and usually during rough wrestling matches. We are new to having two dogs in the home. I am not sure if we are going about things properly. They will eat and drink out of the same bowl but we started feeding them seperatly in thier crates which goes nice and calm. Is this an ok thing to do? the new pup isnt house trained yet, so she sleeps in her crate while the older one has free reign of the home. Is this ok? We give treats seperatly as well. When they do have a problem, how should that be handled, by crating both, just seperating and calming or something else? Will the aggression disipate over time or can it get worse? We really want this to work because the puppy needs a good home.

Also the older dog is always watching what the pup is doing. She will follow her around, and always be aware of whats going on. The puppy could care less about the older dog. They will travel around together and wrestle and play, usually started by the older dog but sometimes by the puppy as well. Most of the time they seem ok but like I said , every now and then the older female will get her hair up, she even got very nasty two or three times, like dog fight nasty. I even got scratched when i broke them up.

We really need a little help here, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I did forget to mention that both dogs are spayed.

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