• Earlier this week I got a reminder from our vet's office that Kipawa is due for a bordetella booster. At 6 months of age he had the intranasal bordetella. He has not been to any indoor doggie day care facilities or has been boarded.

    Boarding would only be in an extreme emergency where we could not plan for the technicians at our vet's office to house sit for us. I DO on occasion take Kipawa to large enclosed dog parks where he does enjoying playing with all the dogs. I haven't done that in awhile because he gets so much sand in his ears. Oh, and sea shells too! 🙂

    So, is there any reason why I should get a bordetella booster for Kipawa? If I really needed to get one, how fast does it provide protection?

  • I got Oakleys only because I had to board him and they gave it intranasally, they said it take two weeks to reach maximum efficiency

  • Yup Chealsie is correct. The intranasal one is supposed to be better than the shot given, so if you are going to do it get the intranasal one and like she said it takes up to two weeks to get to its max efficiency. Then they are good for a year. I get my dog's bordatella because they are kennelled when we are away as we don't have a house sitter. I also get it for them because they go to dog shows and there have been a couple of shows around here where someone had kennel cough and dogs who weren't vaccinated picked it up. But I think it is really up to you.

  • I do not give Bordatella, but then I don't board mine. No use bothering to give to those that show either, IMO… there are so many strains of Bordatella that the vaccine only covers a few. In fact years ago when I did give it, those were the only ones that did get it anyway.

  • I should also say, if you know for sure you will have to board kipawa then get it.. If you think the chances are slim to none then don't… I didn't want to get it, I prefer to titer and I don't want to give unnecessary vaccines.. It's not worth risking a reaction... Plus, one kennel I spoke to said if it he got it intranasally but the time proof I needed to board him was less than that then they would isolate him in hopes to keep him safer . Food for thought

  • Bordetalla is one of the mildest, least reactive vaccines. It is also one shown to lose effectiveness (was 6 mos for nasal, 1 yr for shot). Having personally seen the difference when you get kennel cough in the house (I brought in a rescue who spread it– 4 rescues, my 4 rotties, and a chow)-- only Dax who had been to a show and was up to date on it and one rescue who had been vaccinated were not horribly bad. They both had it mildly but not like the others. So if you keep your dog home, no need. If you go out much around other dogs, then my vote is that it is mild and worth it. But I'd do a shot once a year.

  • Again, maybe I am just lucky, but we have never (knock on wood) had a case of kennel cough here except when I did give the vaccine. I no longer give it. We Show and Course all the time so are around a large amount of dogs on different properties.

  • Pat, we have so much of it here that it is just horrific.

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