• This is Chumley. He was given to me by a family that didn't speak much English and thought they had a chihuahua. I grew up with a Basenji and over the month I've had him, more and more Basenji characteristics are showing up. Such as talking all the time, nipping me in the butt if I am not paying attention to him, playing with my hand by bringing his front foot down the side of his head, not listening to me most of the time, hating water, tearing up beds, tissue, paper. Everything I remember my first Basenji doing. Except he does barkā€¦a lot. lol Noisy little guy. Other chihuahua traits I see is he walks like a dream and loves playing with my chi pack (I have a small chihuahua rescue), He's not snarky even though I have a lot of dogs here right now. He does bark a lot at my daughter's lab/pit mix, but doesn't try to fight him. He is just a delight.

    barking at me

    Getting a little dominante with the other dogs. He's been neutered now and this behavior has dissapeared

    Such a sweet face

    Cute curly tail

  • Wonderful pictures!

  • He is adorable šŸ™‚

  • Such a cute little character!

  • Thank you, It's so weird for me seeing a chocolate colored basenji mx. My first basenji when I was growing up in the 1960's was a red and white. I think a chocolate and white basenji would look kinda cool. lol

  • A couple of pics of Chumley running around the back yard with a couple of my chihuahuas.

  • LOL!! He is a cute little guy running around with the others. I don't see much B in him at all, except his tail. But he is sure a cutie!

  • Yeah, he doesn't look a lot like a basenji, but, boy, he has a lot of the mannerisms of the breed.

  • He is precious! He is smaller like a Chi, but I guess that is a good thing because he can't do much table surfing, lol. Is he a chewer? If he is I would suggest keeping lots of Nylabones for powerful chewers, Kongs or pigs ears for them to chew on as they typcially love to chew and will chew on anything in sight given the opportunity, I hope you enjoy him for a long time. He is beautiful!

  • Chumley is really really cute! I don't see much basenji in there other than that curly tail, but whatever, he's adorable. There's a little chocolate chihuahua in our neighborhood, and his color is just like Chumley's.

  • Yeah, he loves to chew. Right now it's defluffing tennis balls and cracking them open that entertains him. And chewing on sticks. I do have a kong he loves. High quality treats like pigs ears and such wouldn't do well here as there would be fights over them by all the dogs here, even if I gave each one one, they always want that which another dog has. I do have a few nylabones but he isn't too interested in them at the moment.

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