Hi from Montreal

Hi I am JF and I just wanted to introduce myself and Nero a beautiful black and white male Basenji.
He is great, very energetic when it's playtime, but also very quiet when I am sitting around at home.
Nero can be a bit mischievous (as you can see in the picture on the left) but for the most part, he is very well behaved.
He is now one year old and he was three m/o in the picture on the right.
Thats it

Welcome 🙂

Nero is adorable.

Hi J-F and cutie pie Nero! Welcome!

What decent basenji would NOT want to pull all of that stuffing out… especially at the age of 3 months. 🙂

Your in for a lot of fun photos. Welcome. Glad you shared the photos above.

Welcome to you and Nero. Was that your initiation destuffing?

Nope, the last bed was a cheap one, so I sprung for a much sturdier and expensive one, thinking that it would do the trick.
It took a while but he did it.

Hahaha I have given up on buying the B's nice expensive stuff, they don't appreciate it. They get Costco beds now…..good bed for $25! If they eat it we go get another one. They usually last for a good year or so.

Hello and Welcome from Canada!

Welcome both of you to the forum. Nero is adorable…and yes pic on the left is so typical.

welcome to you and Nero.

Hi JF!
Who did you get your boy from? I have a Tri male who came from the Montreal area, he just turned 1 y/o, too…

I got him from Elevage Josabry, in ST-Rock de L`Achigan, they are about 45 min east of Montreal.

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