2011 NOTRA Standings

Year end NOTRA standing are out for 2011. There are several forum members with dogs that made the Top 20.

1. Jada, Kiroja's Loving Every Minute NA NAJ GRC SORC3 29.00
2. Ari, DC Jadaka's Independent Spirit SC SORC SGRC FCh VB 28.00
3. Scarlet, FC Apu Pinache SORC Marsicano 16.00
4. TuTu, FC Apu Pi De Deux SC GRC SORC 10.00
5. L'Ox, Kinetic Interesting Times JOR 5.00
6. Fern, CH Apu Painted Sand RN SC GRC VBX SOR ORC 4.00
6. Dax, Sundiata Curzon Dax JOR 4.00
8. Trii Me, Zuri's Trii Me JOR 3.50
9. Zuri, GCh DC Jerlin's Our Zuri Pupin MC LCX ORC SGRC2 LCM VFCh VB 3.42
10. Solomon, Loki Inkosi Solomon JC JOR 3.00
10. Dax-S, 5Star Dax De Fax JC Sauceda 3.00
12. Rio, FC Kinetic Sourcery SC SOR ORC 2.50
12. Zuni, Astarte's Zuni Breeze at Sun River CGC GRC JOR 2.50
14. Rusty-C, Vinaka's XIV Karat Goldn Boy NA NAJ FCh SGRC SORC 2.17
15. Junior, CH Undercover Jr Swamp Legend JC FCh SOR ORC 2.00
15. Rocky, UKC-CH Kiroja Chicago Hood at Jaroufa SGRC2 SORC 2.00
17. Kumani, FC Kazor's Tamu Kumani SC FCh JOR 1.50
18. Vader, Undercover Dark Jedi Legend SOR ORC 1.00
18. Catcher, Kazor's Catch a Falling Star JOR 1.00
18. Bella, Kinetic-Enchanted Timeless Beauty JOR 1.00
18. Remi, Emerant's Heez Reminiscent 1.00

Oooh, I see some names I know of! Congratulations to all!

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