• "I want all my Basenji Forum members to have a Happy Holiday and a safe and healthy 2012!"

    "Oh, and could I possibly get a big blue/grey dog bed too?"

    Knock, knock, knock! Look a package from the North Pole for Buddy.

    It's a big dog bed from Santa!

    Wow, check it out!

    Very comfy! How do I look?

  • Ohhh!!! Somebody got spoiled for Christmas. That looks like a very comfy bed.

  • Love the picture story! I do hope Buddy enjoys his bed. Once upon a time, my friend lent me a beanbag bed, and my girls adored it, so I bought one. Of course, then they decided they didn't like it after all. Basenjis…...cats in dog clothing for sure! 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Buddy!

  • Buddy got a king size bed! :p Every bed I've ever bought for Sonny he just looks at & says "Who's that for? My beds that big queen size thing in the bedroom with pilllows & blankets….that things for dogs not me!" LOL

  • Great photos, Merrry Christmas to you and Buddy.

  • Great photo essay! But how come all our basenjis are getting to open their presents early?? Could it be those adorable faces just make us give in? Wishing you and Buddy a wonderful Christmas - now go lay down in his bed with him! 🙂 Bet he hogs the entire thing!

  • Ok now I feel guilty because I did not get any gifts for my basenjis with them all having birthdays this month they got lots of toys already. guess we will make them an extra special breakfast. Xander lives for Creamed chip beef and scrambled eggs.

  • Happy Holidays to Buddy…

    ...that is an awesome bed 🙂

  • @Moth:

    Happy Holidays to Buddy…

    ...that is an awesome bed 🙂

    Shhhh! Don't tell Buddy but that big bed on Amazon is $36.75 plus $8.86 shipping.

  • First Basenji's

    That DOES look like an awesome bed! It's got the raised edges that my Shiba, in particular, likes resting his chin on. It's very tempting to follow your lead… Bowpi doesn't really need a bed since she prefers to wedge herself against the humans. Wherever they are, that's where she chooses to sleep

  • Buddy must have been a very good Basenji this year! 🙂

    Happy Holidays to Buddy's family and everybody else's!

  • @ownedbyspencer:

    Buddy must have been a very good Basenji this year! 🙂

    Happy Holidays to Buddy's family and everybody else's!


    The people at the Alzheimer's facility asked if Zest had been good this year, in preparation for Christmas.
    I said "She thinks she has" 😉

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