• Just wondering if anyone else has had a B that has done into a second heat 6 mos after the first with barely any blood. I thought one of the other dogs had hurt themselves as the blood was intermittent, but last night I was with Sugar and she dropped one spot of blood. I had been swiping her and there has been nothing there. This has been going on for about 10 days. Good thing I don't have an intact male around!!

  • I have had all of my girls come in twice a year. But it isn't always predictable who will go in, and how far apart it will be. I think the closest I have had was Blondie came in in late November two years ago, and then the following April. So, five months apart? I guess…but she is normally. She has also come in July, and then again in December. And, it seems to me, the older they get, the less blood they have. My young girls spot everywhere...but Blondie seems like she doesn't drop much blood, unless she is sleeping, in our bed, on light colored sheets...ugh!

  • Well, I'm thinking now that I should have noticed the signs-bad breath, miserable, cranky, etc. DDDUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH! But she's only 17 mos. WAAAAAHHHHH! No more puppy! My baby grew up!

  • bad breath? I've never noticed that.

    Jazz does get reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal bitchy with Gypsy, though.

    Jazz has gone into heat twice a year since she was 6 months old. She's never bled much, IMO, just a few drops here and there – just enough to annoy my husband {think Felix Unger w/out the honking, LOL}

  • Yeah, really bad breath! I know when she was in heat the first time she lost a lot of iron, I could literally smell it. And her breath wasn't too good, probably from cleaning herself.

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