Working Dog Basenji Pups Waiting list


If I had it my way I would have a house full of B's. Though some days I think two are way too many. Oh, and they would all sleep in the bed. And I would probably be divorced!!! I am a sucker for pups. I think 4 would be a nice round number….I already have a R&W and a Black, so now I need a Brindle and most definately a Tri. I don't know how I would show them all, but I would find a way!

LOL… I made a pack long ago that they sleep in crates at least till semi elders.... but since they are all loose during the day, (we have a doggy room with access to the backyard), I don't have a problem with them being crated at night. We let them "easy" into being bed dogs.... and in the beginning they still spend some nights in the week in their crates. But then again the crates are in the bedroom, so it is not like they are in a "naked" place.

Well it started out that way….no dogs in the bed, the hubby said. Well he went away to camp for a week or so and well Becca got to sleep in the big bed. Then once he came back she didn't want to sleep in her crate...oops! The we get Tucker. He slept in his crate for a long time, in the bedroom of course. Then hubby started to feel bad because Becca got to sleep in the big bed and Tucker didnt. So, Tucker ended up in the big bed. Then hubby got mad because two dogs in the bed take up waaaaay more room. So finally I said ok we will put Tucker back into the crate. Then hubby got mad at me! Why does Tucker need to go back in his crate.......I say to's either him or you. And we all sleep happily ever after....together.

sorry to hijak thread.

The all black face boy has been chosen for explosives detection and is not available.:( Sorry about that. He and the dark brindle scored the highest for working and social traits, actually just about equal.

I am pretty sure that she was asking about Flash, the first one you talk about on the previous page.


That video is very neat! I hate to ask…but is the little black boy (first one) placed? Don't know why I'm asking...I have 3 and that is my limit! He sounds very sweet and non-dominant.

If you are asking about the first black boy in the pictures with descriptions…that is Flash and he is available...sorry, I thought you meant black face from the video.


Yes, talking about Flash, the 'pet' potential, I know better than to have one with very high drives, they would drive my oldsters nuts.

Loved the brindle girl so determined to climb the 'a-frame' in your video! She looks completely fearless. And I am really 'daydreaming' as my 3 have a "perfect unity and harmony" relationship, to bring a baby here would upset things. Though…. Chipley and Eddie are excellent brothers to each other...hmmm.....


Flash is a very sweet boy! Both parents are very social with people and other animals. The puppies display these traits as well. The brindle girl would probably be way too much for your older pups. She is our little instigator. However, I do believe Flash would fit in well. Let me know if you would like more information.


Thanks Jeff. Sanity vs. desire; want vs. need; puppy vs sanity; all very circular! I have sworn for years that I don't take any basenji under 2 years old (sanity) but pups are soooo adorable. And we had been planning on a pup so my defenses are down….

Im not one to talk… But I say DO IT!! Lmao

Her are a couple of vids of the pups in action…I love how agile they are at such a young age. Blows away most other breeds of dogs at similar ages we work with.


The first vid reminds me of when we got Becca. We took her out to our friends acreage and he has two Goldens. She was doing the B500 with them and she would duck under chairs and thru the BBQ, etc and they would have to go around the long way becasue they couldnt get thru the small spots. She was miles ahead of them. Good videos thank you!

Check out this video of 9 week old Jaroufa's Glamazon at Rift Valley is quite the agility queen. She went to her new home today thanks to my good friend/ driver and combat tracking mentor, Frank Merritt. We will miss the dark brindle girl but she is going to one of the top racing homes in the country and that is what this litter was all about.

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