Cara smiles

LOL my daughter does NOT like the smiles, she says can intimidate people (meaning her?). Cara does it on command, so I said– I just won't tell her to if someone is afraid of dogs. 🙂
small smile

Medium smile

BIG smile

Okay and to be fair== Arwen and tongue. LOL no she doesn't usually do it, just happened to click in the act. So I took a dignified one that befits her too.

Precious girls you have there, Deb 🙂

Looks like Cara is showing off her nice white teeth! Arwen is a very handsome boy!

They are all gorgeous, Debra! But that 3rd pic looks a little 'hallowe'en' scary. 🙂

I just love the smile - and they are both very beautiful

Very cute pictures - that third picture looks like Gemma when we mess with her tail - she is definitely not smiling, however. LOL

Reminds me of the dog that smiled when caught in the act:

ROFLMAO, I love that dog's smile on the video–not so much the slinking into the "penalty box." I never want my dogs to respond to me by cowering.
Btw, Arwen is a she, Dan. I guess you aren't a lord of the rings fan :).

Oopps, my bad! Sorry Arwen!

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