• There is going to be a CERF clinic relatively close to me (Vancouver, Washington) at the end of this month.

    Kipawa is just over a year old now. Is this a good time to CERF him?

    Kipawa is not a show dog, but I want to know as much about his health as possible. I'm awaiting my Fanconi test kit in the mail. I called them this morning because I haven't received it yet. VERY NICE people there!

    I wish there was a place to test closer to us (Vancouver, British Columbia area). But if we have to drive down to Vancouver Washington we could always go and say hello to Therese and Kevin Leimback!

  • Just did more hunting on CERF test areas and there is one in our area (at the BC Havanese regionals) at the end of this month! I am just contacting them now to see if I need to set up an appointment.

  • I do eye tests on puppies and then again at a year old or a bit over a year. Then as long as there are no problems, I do every two years, unless breeding till about 8 to 10yrs, then every year.

  • Hello Fran and Kipawa!

    Sorry I missed you guys at Therese and Kevin's this summer but we just couldn't make it fit into our schedule. I hope all is well. I think me and Sarah are going to get another B this year from Therese and Kevin. Scarlett needs a friend!


  • I was told not to do any CERF or other testing during mating season because the elevated hormones in both sexes can throw things off. I would wait a couple months till a later test. I usually do mine in Jan each yr at a local canine opthamolagist who gives a multi dog discount. it ends up costing me $2 a dog more than at the cattle call clinics at a show.

  • Hi Walter,

    I know! I so was hoping you were going to be there! I'm envious that you're getting another Leimback basenji - a boy this time? Has Therese and Kevin announced who the parents will be?

    We are doing well here. Kipawa has mellowed out somewhat after the neutering. That said, I don't think there is such a thing as a mellow basenji!

  • @lisastewart:

    I was told not to do any CERF or other testing during mating season because the elevated hormones in both sexes can throw things off.

    Is this also the case for a neutered male basenji?

  • I have not heard not to do an eye exam during mating season but I would definitely not have a thyroid test done on intact dogs during this time. It should not make any difference for a neutered/spayed dog. I would have your regular vet do a test for dry eye since this is not done during a CERF exam but would be done during a regular eye exam at an opthalmologist. I have had a couple of rescues-including one younger male with dry eye. I also have had older/elderly dogs with it.


  • Always you should have eye exams done by a Board Cert Opthalmologist. While your regular Vet is great for general check ups, eye exams should be done by an Opthalmologist

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