I can't believe this just happened!!!

  • I just had the WORST phone call!!!!!

    So my Husband (recently my ex) met some guy at the gas station who had a female red & white B in his car. My Ex talked to this guy, gave him his phone #, told him to bring his B over, told him he knew EVERYTHING about Bs…...I think I remember him & I having this conversation at least 2 years ago.

    The guy just called for my Ex. I talked to him and he said that my Ex told him he knew of people he could breed his female with.....The guy couldn't even really pronounce the word BASENJI. Anyway, I am soooo glad my Ex is gone and I got to talk to this guy.

    This guy is sooooo uneducated. He said he wanted to breed his female because he promised his Grandkids and his kids all puppies. I asked him why he didn't just get puppies from RESPONSIBLE breeders and have his female spayed. He said he didn't want to have to PAY and wanted to give them puppies for free. YIKES!!!! Yea, because I'm pretty sure that it doesn't cost anything to raise a litter of pups!!!!!

    I asked him if he wanted to get rid of his female and he said that she was the best dog he'd ever had. That, at least, made me happy. I think he loves her but is ignorant about breeding.

    He asked if I knew anyone who he could breed his female with and I told him to call the Evergreen Basenji Club here in Washington. He said he did but, SURPRISE, no one wanted to breed with him. I told him that I knew that RESPONSIBLE breeders aren't going to just breed with anyone, especially someone who hasn't even had his female tested for Fanconi. He asked me if my bs were both fixed. I gladly told him YES!

    He asked me if he could bring his female over for a play date. Yea, bring your female IN HEAT over to my house and we'll see how that goes!!!!! I'm sure my Grumpapotomous female won't tear your female to shreds in the backyard!!!!

    I tried not to be too rude, but it couldn't be helped. Sorry, Mom, I know that's not how you raised me. I believe everything happens for a reason. I hope that me being true and a bit abrupt sends this guy a message that it's just not going to be possible to find a willing mate to breed his female with. I don't want to Ex bash, but he really could be a bit of an idiot sometimes. He gave this guy false hope and I just had to squash it.

    So, if you are a breeder registered with the Evergreen Basenji Club and get a call from a guy from Kent, Washington, I'm sorry but I'm really not. You are the peeps this guy should be talking to. Not some guy he met at the gas station.....

  • It is that time of year… maybe he will call some breeders and they can tell him that stud fees are 2,000.00... maybe that will give him a wake up call....

  • I hope he NEVER meets anyone who will stud out their male!!!!

  • You should thank your ex. His stupidity gave YOU the chance to educate the guy. You should call him back about BRAT, tell him pups will cost less from rescue than health testing his dog and paying stud fees and raising the litter. 🙂 You can tell him to join this board and read about fanconi and other health issues he could be passing on to his kids and grandkids to handle, and how will his grandkids feel when they have a dog with serious problems because he was too cheap to do it right. 🙂

  • This gentleman is well known among the Evergreen Basenji Club, he has been looking for a stud for the last two years. His approach to breeding is more like an old farmer who wants to breed his trusty dog. He veiws dog breeding as simple process, and the puppies are sure to have great homes.

    Please be considerate if contacted. Politely explain why breeding dogs is frowned upon, the over population, dogs in shelters needing homes, including basenjis. Explain that eithical dog breeding must have a greater purpose that to just produce puppies, and how his goals are not sufficient to justify having a litter when so many dogs need homes. He needs to understand this is not about money, but being socially responsible.

    Fortunately, he is not willing to spend much money and I would hope that will deter him from simply purchasing a male.

    Regrettably, one of these days he will likely find the stud he is looking for. If enough people emphasis the socially responsible aspect, it possible we can apply sufficient peer pressure to ensure the he places the puppies in good homes.

    Trully a difficult situation, but rather than alienating him, be helpful while attempting to discourage him from his plans. I suspect it will not be long before we have to deal with the puppies he produces and the owners he places the puppies. Hopefully we can keep these puppies out of the shelters and in good non breeding homes.

  • With the bad economy, more BYB and commercial breeders are being stuck with older pups. I do not believe all of his relatives would want pups. I assume the majority of them would wind up at shelters as I am sure he would not take them back and take care of them. What an idiot!

    Does anyone know where he obtained his female or the pedigree-would like to know if she has Fanconi in her background-since he probably has not tested her?


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