Basenji in CA needs surgery - please offer assistance or referrals

  • Hello Basenji Community Members,

    My dog needs a surgery to his lower jaw bone and left scapula (shoulder blade). $500.00 has been paid to the doctor, and we still need to pay $1500.00 before the veterinarian can begin the surgery, and we don't have the money. One of the children left the gate open and he got out into the street and got hit by a car and my neighbor rescued him. He is a sweet, well-behaved dog, and we have two children that love him very much. He was born on 1-3-05 so is just now 6.5 years old and should have many good years ahead of him. He is on an IV with salts, sugars and proteins to keep his strength up until surgery. Everything totals $3,000 with aftercare and hospitalization.

    I have already applied for assistance with:

    1. In Memory of Magic (
    2. The Orange County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, (
    3. Affordable Vet Service (awaiting copies of x-rays which I have to pick up on CD and deliver because the doctor doesn't email them)
    4. Credit Care (denied)

    However, I have not received any assistance yet. So, if anyone in the community knows another good resource for help in emergency situations, please let me know asap and I will follow up. I won't go into extenuating circumstances of the financial situation but will say that for us I know that it is temporary and we will certainly give back to the organizations that help people through difficult times with pet emergencies.

    God Bless, Love, Kathy Kern

    UPDATE: Thank you for the messages and wishes and thoughts received so far! We have found a different veterinary doctor to perform the surgery! We still owe the last one and now have to pay the new vet doctor but he is going to do it before we pay him. We spent whatever we had to the last one already and we need to pay something to the wonderful new vet and we are still looking for information. Please let us know if you have any information on where we may get assistance. Thank you!

  • i hope your able to get this dog the surgery he needs. Do let us know how it's going.

  • I don't know anything about this vet, but will he not work with you on payment? Many vets will treat dogs in urgent need on a payment plan or for a discounted rate. The vet does have some money upfront. Perhaps you could work out some sort of payment schedule for the balance or put part of the bill on a credit card, so the surgery can be done? If not, maybe another vet could be more flexible. Leaving the dog at the facility on IVs seems like it might make the bill larger and prolong the dog's discomfort or pain. You're in a hard spot, and I wish both you and your poor dog the best.

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