• …at the vet! :eek: My! Have things gotten expensive or what???? Just the usual vaccines, heartworm, meds and the only "extra" included was pre-surgical screen bloodwork for her dental in the next few weeks! That'll be another $150!
    I don't know how you with multiples can afford it!!! YIKES!!

    Of course, all this is said tongue-in-cheek because she's worth every penny!;) ...and I've have another one in a NY minute!!:D

  • yeap..all I can say is get insurance..that's what I keep saying after an outrageouse expense…buy yes they are worth every penny but still..ouch!

  • yes, insurance is great until you have multiples… then you have to weigh the cost of 5 on insurance or taking your chances... 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other!!!!

  • Yes….uh....imagine my pain this week at having three in for bloodwork, dentals, extractions, neuter and lump removal.....my vet did everything she could to bring down the cost...but it still was terribly expensive...all I can say is "brush your dog's teeth" 😉

  • When we moved from Georgia to DC, our vet bill doubled while the number of dogs halved. I actually pulled out our old bills to compare- yep- it was exactly twice as expensive here!! Talk about a change in the cost of living!! That's exactly why we looked into a wellness plan!! We're with Banfield now and it's been good so far.

  • I would say looking over the last 30 years I've been taking my Basenjis and cats to the vet that I come home more and more broke. Sometimes I wonder if the vet is trying to pay off the building when they tell me charges. My red/wht had a bladder infection last Sep and after taking xrays, the vet sedating him, meds and office visit the damage came to $500. Ouch!! I told my employer to mail my check to the vet.

  • Exactly, what it cost you in Va… it is double in California....my Maggii's latest bill from Monday was 295.00, blood work to check her kidney values, (due to renal failure), two xrays of her lungs and throat due to a presistent cough and general exam.... thank goodness that her SuBQ fluids are cheap enough since she gets them 2 to 3 times a week and has since last July....(and I do it at home..)...
    Oh and if you want funny looks from people have an IV Bag hanging from your grooming table in your family room and a plastic bag of needles... bring some very curious looks from people..gggg

  • So Jazzy is set to be spayed next month. The estimate I was given was $150 - 160, and that includes pre-surgery blood work.

    Is that reasonable to you all?

  • Yes, that sounds very reasonable to me. I think anything less that $200 would be in the ball park.

  • Yes, that is very reasonable… and way cheaper then here in No. California.. by ALOT!!!!!

  • Almost $200 here in Minnesota for a rabies vaccine, an office visit, an exam, 5 heartworm pills, and a complete thyroid panel ($83 all by itself!).

  • Wow, that's a little steep for shots and pre-op. I would have had a heart attack, lol with that vet bill.

    I'm still amazed about how cheap it is here in Germany for the vet care and the quality is amazing. When my boxer blew out his knee, it was only about $650, for a complete ACL repair and to shave down bone growth he had on his knee.

  • @WBL:

    Wow, that's a little steep for shots and pre-op. I would have had a heart attack, lol with that vet bill.

    I'm still amazed about how cheap it is here in Germany for the vet care and the quality is amazing. When my boxer blew out his knee, it was only about $650, for a complete ACL repair and to shave down bone growth he had on his knee.

    Here that would have been $5000.00 easy

  • I took Jojo last month to the vet and spent $258 for heartworm bloodwork, thyroid check and complete blood panel and her heartworm meds for six months and three months of flee and tick med and a rabies vaccination…I thought it was a little expensive but from the sounds of things I guess it is ok but I was still surprised...at the Univ. of TN vet hospital ER it costs $160 to walk in the door...but this is part of being a loving and responsible pet owner so I just grin and bear it...

  • When it comes to basic, routine veterinary care, I am very blessed. I am a breeder so I usually have an average of 6 adults and an average of one litter per year. For vaccinations, I purchase a case of 25 vaccines when I have a litter plus enough vaccines for the cats too. I was trained by my veterinarian to vaccinate animals many, many years ago so I vaccinate my own animals. The total cost to vaccinate my entire household is about $75 per year. (And I always have leftover vaccines that I usually donate to rescue.) It is not legal in Georgia for a non-vet to do rabies shots so I go to a low-cost vaccination clinic to have that done. The cost is $12 per animal. For heartworm prevention I use straight Ivermectin. The cost for the entire household is under $30 per year. I am very lucky that I do not have a flea or tick problem where I live so I do not use any flea/tick control products like Frontline. I spend about $30 per year on flea prevention in the house and yard, that's it. If any fleas slip by, I use a flea comb to remove them from an animal. The heartworm preventative helps prevent intestinal parasites (worms) though on rare occasion I might see tapeworms (from ingesting an infected flea) in a cat. I do purchase pills for that when needed. My expense for the basic, routine care mentioned above is incredibly low and saving money in these areas allows me to direct funds towards health testing such as yearly CERF eye exams and OFA hip x-rays.

    Of course, I have 3 senior dogs in the house now so I am working on complete blood panels, urinalysis, complete thyroid panels, and upcoming dentals on all of them. I'm estimating $300 per dog for all that. Ouch!

  • Yes, it can get quite expensive with the seniors… but hey, they are worth it... (as I tell myself that while paying the Vet...)... And it is very important to have blood work done yearly (of course I am a NUT on having blood work done anytime there is something wrong and have a young dog's done to have a base line).... Whenever anyone asks me about a dog with an illness, that is the first thing I ask.... have you had a blood panel done?...
    And yes it is expensive, especially when you have more then one or two seniors.. but hey, they deserve it...

  • I just got a quote for Zuri to get spayed and it's $500 here. That includes the bloodwork a few days ahead, meds and also microchip which is $60 on its own. Oddly I never gave that much thought to the differences in vet bills based on location. I am in Ontario Canada so mine are in Canadian dollars.

  • yeah our B had an allerhy attack so for the cotizon shots, pills and blood test=$660.00. I keep saying how I wish we would have done the whole ins. thing and yet still haven't done it.

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