• Meeko playing at the dog park in Temecula. Meeko didnt like playing with the little dogs so we moved him in with the large dogs. He prefers Great Danes and German Shepards

  • Looks like fun! Do you ever take Meeko to Dog Beach?

    Spencer always liked to run with the big dogs, too. 🙂

  • Kipawa much prefers bigger dogs as well. Maybe it is because they are more likely to move around a lot? The smaller dogs just seem to congregate in one area at the parks we go to.

  • Tucker love the big dogs too. I think it is because they move faster and dont seem like prey. He tends to nip at the little dogs.

  • I think Basenjis like the larger dogs, because in their mind, they are big dogs too. 😃

  • Buddy likes the big dogs too.

  • I find that all my present Basenjis prefer the big dogs - I had thought it was because some of them were raised with a Kangal. What a super picture - you're very lucky to have dog parks. I'm not aware of any in the uK.

  • Hope prefers big dogs too!! she gets bored too easily with the smaller dogs!

  • Not only that ("bored", "nips") but the smaller dogs yip and yap too much. Mine don't like that noise.

  • Shaye prefers the big dogs as well. She gets them all running because she plays in their faces until they will chase her. Only the greyhounds and an occasional other one will be able to catch her, but because of their agility, she just changes directions and evades them. When she tries to play with little dogs they do not like how she rears up and comes down on them, and the fight is on! Bigger dogs just figure she's a really fast little chew toy that they can't catch. When she is just playing with them, they are not rough with her, and if they become rough, she is gone like the wind again.

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