• My friend has a male 5 1/2 year old Rott that is acting strangely.

    Pacing, peeing/pooping in the house & on the deck and is grumpy. Normally a very laid back/friendly guy.

    Took him to the vet but waiting for blood work results. Any ideas?

  • if nothing shows up, i'd try a chiro vet. i know i walk funny and am grumpy when my back hurts. and Jet the trying does have unusual pooping behavior when his back is out.

  • Do let us know what the vet says please.

  • If the tests are normal, I'd get a spine x-ray to make sure nothing amiss. The fact that he went to the vet and it isn't bloat relieves me, which would have been my concern.

    Is he intact? Could there be a bitch in heat nearby? Does he move normally (dogs with spine injuries near neck often are lame in the front; in the back may drag leg or even have problems lifting leg or getting in position to poop). Is he eating and drinking okay? Are his gums okay (something I expect your vet checked).
    PLEASE do post. They are such stoic dogs when they act wrong, you know something is wrong!

  • My friend called her breeder last night. The breeder had no ideas for her but asked her if anything has changed.

    She said she had changed his food. So, she is going to go get his old food today. She had bought some food from some guy who makes holistic/organic food. Stuff that's not USDA approved. It might have something in it???

    She should hear from her vet today about his blood work.

  • I just heard from my friend, who heard from her vet.

    The bloodwork came back fine except Samson has a slightly elevated thyroid. Very slightly elevated.

    The vet doesn't think it's the food but my friend is going to start him back on the stuff he was eating previously anyway. Can't hurt anything.

    The vet is going to start him on a small dose of thyroid medication, even though they aren't 100% sure that's what it is. And they are going to run a more extensive blood panel.

    On another note, my friend also found out that one of her senior cats has advanced mouth/jaw cancer and the vet gave her kitty 1 week to 1 month to live.

    It all happens at once sometimes.

    I'm going to go home and hug my bs and give them extra cookies!!!

  • I doubt totally even a more elevated thyroid would cause the pacing, and yeah… diet change may well have his tummy upset. Hopefully your friend knows to change over food very slowly.

    There is a new drug for cancer but with a senior cat, not sure if appropriate.
    They are using it for various cancers, in fact my friend's rottie starts on it next month for mast cell.

  • @vickilb:

    On another note, my friend also found out that one of her senior cats has advanced mouth/jaw cancer and the vet gave her kitty 1 week to 1 month to live.

    Oh dear, I know all about that cancer. My beloved Barney died of that. It's so aggressive. From time of diagnosis, we had him with us for 2 weeks, then sent him over the bridge. Just curious - does your friend's cat have a lot of white in his fur? We were told cats with a lot of white get this cancer more frequently than others. Give your friend a hug for me. Have her check out www.rainbowsbridge.com . It was a big comfort for me.

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