Name this breed…Basenji (or not) Mix?

Whatever mix she may be…she is absolutely stunning 😃

I am so glad she found a good home with you.

You guys are great!

Ok, so not Basenji then, but I'm still not sold on Shiba Inu…she doesn't have any inkling of an undercoat and she barely sheds at all. Her hair may look long but it's actually short. You can't run your fingers through it. She does bound like a deer when she's running..that should say something, but I'm not sure what.

So I'll have to go with the poster who says Chi and some other type dog. Now I just need to find another type dog that looks like a fox, since everyone says that's what she looks like and I totally agree, except for that that curly tail. Is it possible for fox to breed with a dog? LOL!

First Basenji's

Speaking as someone with both a Basenji and a Shiba, and has met a LOT of confirmed Shiba mixes, I still say… Chi + Shiba Inu. Most of the mixes that I've met did NOT have an undercoat, and lucky for that, I say! But FWIW, my Shiba's undercoat didn't fully develop until he was almost 2 years old. And if it's smack in the middle of summertime wherever you are, your dog's coat knows this... and so there's a reason there's no undercoat. 😉

Curlytails, if those are your fur kids, they are a handsome pair!

Ok, here's three more of JT's pictures. To me a Shiba Inu is a lot like one of our thick haired Northern Breeds. I had a Malamute mix and he shed throughout the year, although heavier during spring for sure. This guy is totally nonshedding and her hair is even to short to try to comb. I do hope you are wrong about an undercoat developing. My husband wouldn't be happy if she went from a non shedder to a shedder.

Today the vet suggested that she could have a Chihuahua parent and a Shiba/Basenji Mixed parent. He said this after I said I coudn't make up my mind what I see, that I see both in her. I think the man is a politician.

If I ever get rich, I'll have her DNA tested, but I won't hold my breath (about getting rich anytime soon).

What about the vastgotaspets? IT has a few hits maybe..

Maybe she is a vastgotaspets x chi x basenji x shiba?
It doesn't matter that much I think, she is adorable 😃

Oh how funny those Vastogotaspets look. My daughter is over here and they used to have a Corgi (died at a ripe old age). I showed her the pictures of the Vas's knowing just what she would say… they look just like Corgi/Shepard mixes... and that's exactly what she said. They do look like Corgi mixes. I wonder if they come from the same part of the world?'s official. I'm just going to say when people ask what she is that she's a Chihuahua mixed with a whole lot of cute who was well blended by an EF5 tornado and lived to bark about it.

I love the new photos - she is certainly very, very sweet and I'm so glad that she is now yours.

Thanks Patty. We are loving her to pieces. She's as sweet as she looks too! Took her to the vet again today because where she was spayed isn't completely closed. She was the hit of the office again today with everyone asking what she is. I just told them that she's probably a Chihuahua mixed with a whole lot of cute and it could have happened while she was flying around in the tornado. 😉 Two people wanted to know if she was a Basenji. It's that tail that prompts the Basenji questions, that and the way she poses.

What ever she is, she's ours and she's here to stay for a very long time (I hope).

First Basenji's


I'm just going to say when people ask what she is that she's a Chihuahua mixed with a whole lot of cute who was well blended by an EF5 tornado and lived to bark about it.

laugh I LOVE that quote.
I would also be satisfied with Chi + Basenji/Shiba mix parents. "Diplomatic" answer, maybe, but probably closer to the truth than we'll ever know!

I am looking at her and thinking definately chihauhua but I can see some Basenji in there too. If you think about it all of her feet are white, she has a white chest and a white tail tip. It could just be coincidence or it could be the B in her.

A Shiba Chi cross for sure! The 2 pics posted above by Robyn show your little dog's traits off perfectly. SUPER cute!!! I just wanna cuddle her lol

This is DEFINITELY a Basenji Chi mix and NOT shiba. (Only the example of a Shiba is a Shiba for those who might be confused by the example pics.)
Basenji has the white feet, white tip on tail AND the white spot at the nape, and the curled tail. does he/she "talk" ? My chi Basenji has an unusual talk that everyone loves. Some who know more about basenjis - a couple in the neighborhood who have 2 - call it the Basenji yodel.

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