• Hi Erin again. My thread was labeled help me please so im making a new thread to update all the wonderful people that helped me out. I found the owner of the dog, and took him home yesterday. His name is Bandito and the little girl he belongs to was glad to have him back. So Carlie (8) and Bandito
    (1) were reunited! I just wanted to thank everyone for the advice and help. Aside from that I understand everyones love for these dogs. I have fallen in love and was heartbroken to take him home! Though the reunion was more than worth it. Thanks again for everything, I could never say enough about these wonderful companions or the people that love them! Thankyou for helping.

  • What a happy ending! I am glad the owner was found. Thank YOU Erin, for doing the right thing and tracking down the owner. 😃

  • YAY BANDITO!!!! OMG this just fills my heart with joy!! 😃 😃 😃

  • Yea! Go Erin! You did a wonderful thing. I know of a certian Basenji rescue group where you could adopt a B that you could snuggle on for years :D:D

    You did a great thing.

  • That's such a good thing you did. How did you find the owner? Did you check the microchip? Or did someone just reply to the posters? Did you find out how far away he had wandered? Did the owners say how he got away?

  • He follows thier little female beagle. ( her name is Baby, I feel like stealing that little sweetheart ) When she escapes so does he. They wandered approximately 10 miles away, i know exactly where he lives now. And I was actually taking him to get scanned when a lady called my friend who printed the posters for me, and claimed the dogs. We had put posters on every door on the street that someone had seen the dogs, and the rest on stops and mailboxes. So the posters did all the work and I donated the gas for the ride. He was annoying in the truck but he was so funny and curious, my belly hurt from laughing at him - I couldnt be mad. So thats how it happened - the end!

  • Well done, ecbouton! You rock!

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