• I wanted to share Chaffie's speciality.. 🙂

    I have some allergy?s and thanks to the food industry we often not notice there is a bad ingredient in something I eat.
    I do have medication and I take it twice a day but when I eat someting bad, I become ill 😞 (have to handle them untill my body is feeling fine again)

    My sweet boy chaffie knows when I will get a attack, even before I realize I have a problem.
    He comes to me, keep licking my hand and pushing his body to me, he will look at me with his "mommy I am worried eyes"
    He isn't just aksing for a hug, he is telling me to take my medication and then when the attack hits me he will support me during it.
    He will stay next to me and look at me with his sweet eyes as long as I am feeling sick.
    When I thank him for being such a great great help, he get the happy eyes and he is shaking his tail… 🙂

    I am so thankfull and I just had to share his story 🙂
    He is great, Buana does not feel this coming, he sometimes looks at Chaffie if he is thinking his brother is crazy 😃

  • Chaffie is a wonder dog. I used to have fits and my Basenjis always knew when I was about to have one before any one else including me. They would lie by me until I recovered and if it was cold they would lie close and on top of me.

    I always think that Basenjis would make great medical alert dogs.

  • Chaffie is very sensitive to you, he really IS your 'therapy dog'. Some dogs can alert diabetics that their blood sugar is too low, or high, others can alert their human when a seizure is about to happen so they can get into a safe place. Dogs really ARE amazing!

  • Your story is very enlightening - Chaffie certainly is a big help to you. I've read other situations where someone's dog will alert them to medical problems and there is research going on to train dogs to be able to point out cancers in the body as well. There is a lot to be learned by studying how the dog's extreme sensitivity can be put to good use.

  • Houston

    Just goes to show how in tune with nature these dogs are..amazing testament to a true friend. Glad he is there for you when you have it rough..

  • that's amazing , Kim. Lucky you have such a good doggie doctor.

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