• Hello,

    My name is Pirjo. I have two basenjis. Barbi is 2 years and 4 months old and Skipi is 1 year 2 months old. We live in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Our hobbies are sleeping, eating and running in a big dog-park.

    I wish you all warm and sunny days, that basenjis love!

  • Good evening Pirjo, Barbi and Skipi!
    We have even met in that largest (fenced) dogpark in Helsinki. But it was over a year ago.

    My name is Tarja who has 2 basenjidogs; Rosso 2y 5m and Heko 1y 4m. Their main aim is to enjoy life; lying (inside the house) in the sunlight coming thru windows -waiting for summer to come.:)

  • Welcome Pirjo!!! Greetings from the USA 🙂

  • welcome Pirjo 🙂

  • Welcome Pirjo and family

  • Welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see pictures of your basenjis.

  • It was wonderful to have these answers around the world. Here is the best photo of my dogs (perhaps attachment, I can't use this post very well).


  • That is a very unique photo of Barbi & Skipi! Great shot! They are both beautiful! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Forums.

  • Welcome from Canada as well!!

  • Welcome to you and your Basenjis. I have one red & white, Sahara, 1 year 2 months. Your B's are beautiful and I am sure you love them as much as all of us, crazy B lovers.

  • LOVE YOUR BABIES….how beautiful!!!

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