Barbi and Skipi from Finland


My name is Pirjo. I have two basenjis. Barbi is 2 years and 4 months old and Skipi is 1 year 2 months old. We live in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Our hobbies are sleeping, eating and running in a big dog-park.

I wish you all warm and sunny days, that basenjis love!

Good evening Pirjo, Barbi and Skipi!
We have even met in that largest (fenced) dogpark in Helsinki. But it was over a year ago.

My name is Tarja who has 2 basenjidogs; Rosso 2y 5m and Heko 1y 4m. Their main aim is to enjoy life; lying (inside the house) in the sunlight coming thru windows -waiting for summer to come.:)

Welcome Pirjo!!! Greetings from the USA 🙂

Welcome Pirjo and family

Welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see pictures of your basenjis.

It was wonderful to have these answers around the world. Here is the best photo of my dogs (perhaps attachment, I can't use this post very well).


Basenji Mix

That is a very unique photo of Barbi & Skipi! Great shot! They are both beautiful! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Forums.

Welcome from Canada as well!!

Welcome to you and your Basenjis. I have one red & white, Sahara, 1 year 2 months. Your B's are beautiful and I am sure you love them as much as all of us, crazy B lovers.

LOVE YOUR BABIES….how beautiful!!!

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