• Kate (8 year old female) seems healthy and happy in all regards. I've noticed 3 dime-sized patches of hair loss on her neck. One is down to bare skin on her throat and looks slightly crusty on one edge. She isn't bothering these with scratching. I noticed a couple last year during spring shedding of undercoat but this is worse this year. Any ideas?

  • Can you post a picture? Some of mine do get bald patches on their ears while moulting. I get to the stage of considering taking them to the vet but once the moult ends the patches disappear.

  • Here's a photo. One of three "patches."

  • Looks to me like some scratching might be going on… you might not be seeing when the scratching is happening.

    If doesn't clear up after she is done shedding, I would wonder about some kind of allergies and seek the attention of a specialist. And you might want to consider adding fish oil to her food...

  • Thanks, Pat, I'll keep an eye on her.

  • Looks almost like a puncture… but yeah I'd have the vet scrape it if it doesn't heal.

  • Thank you for the picture is that a red pimple by the patch?

  • It's a tiny "raw" bit. She has three molt-y patches that seem symmetrical on her neck - left, right and center. I've touched them and she doesn't fuss, so they can't be too bothersome.

  • Oakley is only 6 months old and so it is only the first shedding I've ever been through but he gets little bald patches, one on his nose and two on his ears, they are only as big as the tip of my finger. It's good to find out that this can happen during shedding as it is very visible on his black coat. Hope everything clears up well!

  • Such a nice photo. I know you definitely get some advise from him.

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