• I have two BRAT basenjis. Neither is a yodeler, and in fact we had never heard so much as a single yodel from either one. We had tried teaching them to yodel, we downloaded clips of basenjis yodeling and my husband and I sat on the living room floor yodeling to the dogs all to no avail. Our Bs simply had no interest in singing.

    Last Friday my Bs woke up bright and early as is typical in the summer. I let them outside to romp around while I laid back down in bed to catch a few more minutes of sleep. Imagine my surprise when I hear a loud and clear yodel from outside my bedroom window. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window to see Sam looking very startled. He then sticks his nose up in the air and lets loose another yodel! He was so excited about this new sound he discovered. He started prancing around the yard letting loose loud and long yodels for the next several minutes. He looked very proud of himself. Kiya still isn't a yodeler, she seems to think she's too dignified to make such a sound, but ever since Friday morning I now have 1 exhuberant yodeler! It will never be quiet around our house again.

  • How fun!! Of our five, one baroos often, one occasionally, one very, very, very rarely…and two never.

    Glad Sam found his voice!

    Andrea Walters
    Quercus Basenjis
    Toledo, Ohio

  • What a great surprise. Talker is our talker. Savannah does not make a yodel at all. However, I noticed, just lately when I come home I've heard something coming from her. I give them their treats and she jumps on the couch to eat hers, but she always waits until I pass her on the couch. Well, I'd say the past few weeks, I come over to her and as she wiggles her tail she makes the slightest of sounds. It's like a few grunts and low grrrs.

    I keep trying to encourage her to keep it up. Maybe one day she let out a small yodel. It's nice to not give up hope and then be surprised.

  • Nothing makes my heart leap like hearing the "barooooooooo" It's been my experience with the B's I have had they did it if happy…Gibby will offer one up to me and to the neighbor lady he adores when we arrive home..... it's adorable. I say "tell me all about it Gibbs" and he'll go on for a few minutes like he's recanting his day to us!

  • My Basenji is mixed and therefore can bark as well as yodel. Her Baroooooos come when she is most happy. When she and I show up at my job (she goes with me everyday I work) she baroos everybody. When my husband gets home from work, she baroooos. It is the cutest thing I have ever heard.

  • mine is mixed too, and he also does both. he has a very deep masculine bark which scares the socks off some people, but then turns around and baroo's, grunts, moans & groans, etc…... it's sillyness.

  • My female get's embarrassed when she does it. I have to coax her into it and tell her how pretty she is. then she covers her face with her paws after she does yodel.

  • My Abbey is a big barooer (new word). She can go for weeks without making so much as a squeak and then one morning she'll get up talking and not shut up all day. I love coming home in the evening to a big hearty BAROOOOOOO. She can hold a note for whole minute.

  • I have a Basenji/Terrier mix, and she yodels AND barks - sometimes at the same time. I had no idea what that noise could be the first time I heard her baroo. She's usually pretty quiet, but she has quite a repertoire of noises that she'll share with us if she finds a reason.

  • Buddy barooos really loud at people in the dog park, running up to them sometimes with a tennis ball in his mouth that he stole from another dog. He's the dog park entertainer. He'll also barooo at people that we pass on walks which sometimes startles them. These 2 little girls playing their front yard got baroo'd at and they said "what's that"?

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