• Mr. Nielsen is a small 1 1/2 year old neutered boy, in UTAH HUMANE SOCIETY. He is a brindle with very nice markings, although I did not note the classic diamond wrinkles on his head. He is a purebred.

    His story is his family says he is good with kids, but they had a new baby and decided he had to go.:mad:

    I met him at PETSMART!!:mad::mad:
    He's a very sweet boy. Curious, but slightly aloof. He did not mind being handled at all and did not flinch or pull back when I got "personal" with him. The end of his tail appears to have been lost to tail rot as a baby. (I suspect he is the product of that BYB/Puppy-mill here in SLC.) His breeding appears to have been done poorly.

    The young lady I spoke with, UHS staff, said they would be willing to work with a rescue group and allow him into foster care until a suitable home could be found. He has been in rescue since 07 May. This is not a no-kill shelter, although they will keep an animal as long as possible before resorting to euthanasia.

    I hope we can at least find someone who understands our beautiful breed who can foster him until he can be homed. The foster family has final say in whether a home is appropriate or not.

    He can be seen online at utahhumane(dot)org. He is animal #043581.
    Contact Jessica (801) 261-2919 for rescue information.

  • @AJs:

    He can be seen online at utahhumane(dot)org. He is animal #043581.
    Contact Jessica (801) 261-2919 for rescue information.

    Unfortunately, there is no way that I found to search for a particular dog on this website. However, I found this particular dog on Page 12 (after going through all 11 previous pages). They are sorted according to the number assigned to them.

    Here's the direct link to the page for available dogs: http://utahhumane.org/adoptions/adoption-listings/dog-listings

    I'm not sure why you think seeing him at PetsMart (or Petco) is a bad thing, though. PetsMart and Petco don't sell dogs or cats…they simply provide room for the local shelters to bring in dogs and cats available for adoption. Since both PetsMart and Petco are high-traffic stores, it seems to me that a dog might be placed quicker there than they would be stuck at the shelter. Of course, NO shelter is going to do the background and home checks that someplace like BRAT does.

  • Good find, hopefully there is a BRAT or other rescue person near-by who can get him..He is a pretty boy.

  • Was he adopted or rescued? I did not see him today in the Adoptable Dogs list.


  • I believe BRAT got him.

  • AJ and your human…. I miss seeing you guys around here. Hope everything is going well for the both of you.

  • Ms. Sharron, that is excellent news. The young lady I was talking to about him did not even know BRAT existed. I told her how I was concerned he would wind up right back where he was when I met him because the shelters just don't have time to make sure the new home is appropriate.

    Mr. Nielsen was the first Basenji she had seen. The shelter does not know the quirks of the breed. I hope I made a strong enough impression on her that she passed information on to the lady in charge of rescue animals. (That would be Jessica.)

    It tore me up to have to leave him there, but AJ just isn't ready to share his space with another dog. A bitch, maybe…but a dog??

    As for that BYB that keeps producing Basenji puppies. Can I sneak in and rescue the dogs and then call in an air strike? 20,000 pigeons should be able to drop enough poop....

  • Off topic, but did you get a new truck? I thought your other truck was blue? Anyway, this is a very handsome truck!! I must confess, whenever we're on the road, I look at every truck I pass hoping one day to see AJ peeking out the window! Now I'll know to concentrate on beautiful coppery colored ones.


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