• I'm considering becoming a Mary Kay consultant, so I was wondering if anyone here tried it out or knows someone well who does it and knows if it works out for them or not. It seems like a decent situation, but I found this website called PinkTruth where bunches of women complain about how they lost money and are urging women to save themselves the trouble and avoid MK at all costs. Any insight?

  • Houston

    I don't know about selling it (although I did sell Arbonne a few years ago..similar idea..yes it was a bust for me..although I didn't go into it as hardcore as it seems you might have to, to be able to make good money..but it was a blast doing it)..but I use some of their products and like them…my mother loves them..

  • I think it really depends on what sort of sales person you are. The consultants I have known seem successful but they are definitely into sales and really enjoy that type of work.

  • I know a couple of consultants for different companies, one from Mary Kay, who do very well by committing a lot of time to it and developing a large customer base with work, work, work. The same Mary Kay person, though, has had people tell her that they feel the way Mary Kay works is "unethical," "unfair," or other things, so make sure you do plenty of research and make sure that you don't see things that way before you start. People lose money when they enter any business venture and then back out, whether it's Mary Kay or any other kind of consulting career move.

  • Years ago when I was single, a casual friend of mine sold Mary Kay. She used it to subsidize her income from her full time job. I suspect that she did not have things work out well for her, because she quit Mary Kay after less than a year and started to sell Avon quite successfully.

    IMO, any of these types of careers require a lot of work. It isn't just about the selling, but more about how many people you can sign up that work under you. If that number is big enough, you yourself can then stop selling product and work only on supporting the consultants under you.

  • Welp, I've signed on the dotted line! WIsh me luck! 🙂

  • Good luck!

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