Some Recent Random Photos.

A bit bored today so sorting through my photos, thought i'd share the Maya ones 🙂

With a horse hoof:

Jess, lovely!

Pretty girl!:)

I always love pictures of Maya with her horsie friend. 🙂

What a wonderful life Maya has, I love seeing happy kids like her. She's a beauty.

She is beautiful and certainly enjoying that yummy hoof! Your horse is quite lovely, too. Is he a Freisian ?(sp) Your Maya has wonderful, long legs. Binti is a bit short on leg so far. (Rats!!) I hope she'll grow some long ones like Maya. Thanks for the pictures!

Thanks everyone! 😃 I like to think Maya has it pretty good, but of course she always finds something to complain about. Put her in her crate for a couple of hours earlier to spend some time with the parrots and I think she'd have phoned the RSPCA if she could - the cruelty! Infact, with the noise she was making they could probably hear her without the need for a phone lol! And she's usually an angel in her crate, little horror wanting to do some more parrot hunting 😃

Una is a friesian Holly 😃 My dream horse, my very own black beauty 😃 Thats not the most flattering photo, they are a stunning breed 🙂 Maya has always had her long legs, but they all grow differently, im sure Binti will catch up in no time 🙂

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