• Any lure coursing events or shows going on May - June 2011 ?

  • You just missed one last weekend..

    Visit the Willamette Valley Basenji Club site at
    http://www.basenji-club.com and check out EVENTS.
    Our next trial weekend is July 15-16-17 and again in October 7 (Afghan club)-8-9.

  • I see your new and assume your from Or.
    Welcome. Did you get your b from someone we might know?

  • Don't know where you are in Oregon but the Evergreen Basenji is putting on ASFA lure coursing at Roy Polo Field in Olympia WA not far from Portland and I understand the field is worth the drive May 14-15 I believe, check out Evergreen Basenji Club website for more info.
    Welcome by the way, you have the right color, would love to know like Sharron where you got your basenji. Also love to know your name and dogs name too.
    Therese Leimback
    FoPaw's Basenjis

  • Welcome to the forum. Great folks in the Evergreen Basenji club - hope you get a chance to meet them.

  • any decent places to stay the night at near the polo field?

  • What area are you speaking of?

  • Near the Roy polo field in WA …. If I have to drive 240 miles, I might as well stay the weekend.

  • For the dog show next weekend?

  • May 15, for lure coursing .. Or do I have things mixed up? 

  • I know there is a dog show this coming weekend toward Olympia with something basenji in the afternoon on sat. But I am not showing and so I am not up on it.
    Therese, are you attending?
    808Broo, you might get more help if you were more forth coming about yourself and your basenji. It helps, if you want to have friends to share…just fyi.

  • You can find AKC Lure Coursing events at AKC.org on the Events page. You can select the states you would like included in your search.
    You can also check ASFA.org & asfaregion1.com for events in the Northwest.

    Hope to see you on the field someday!

  • Libby, going to the dog show this coming weekend? I would love to see Dude and Ono!

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