• Good evening my Name is Jenne and I own a Basenji her name is Bella
    I like to call her bellaboo or boobie. I Love my little girl she is a little over a year old and I tghink I have done pretty well so far but can always use advice 😉

    I am excited to chat with other Basenji owners and learn more about her and the breed

  • Welcome to the forum!! Thats a very cool name. Considering your post does not include the word HELP I assume you are doing a great job!!! You will find the best advice and good friends here.. Send us some pictures!!!!

  • hi Jenne and Bella -glad to have you here! Pull up a chair, loads of great information here from wonderful people. Any pictures you can post of Bella?

  • @aneesmno:

    I want to move away from my hometown to a new small town, possible a new state and will know no one.

    Yes, if I spent my life spamming boards instead of getting a job and having self-respect, I'd want to do that too.

  • Hi and welcome. We need pictures!

    You'll see a lot of spammers here (drop ship and china in links) Ignore them. 🙂

  • I am new to forums and the way they work lol but i will get better in time.

    I have uploaded a few pictures of Bells I hope you can see them she is a very small basenji she is 17 pounds and is full grown.

  • Welcome, Jenne and Bella! I have a Becca and a Lola… sometimes I mix up their names and they both become Bella too! 🙂

    She's a beautiful girl... MacPack, take a peek... she's black and white! 🙂 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Hello fellow basenji lovers. My name is Denise, I live in Louisiana with my 3 dogs. I have a basenji mix named Ginger that is 17yrs old. She adopted me in 1995, literally walked up to my house & knocked on the door! I adopted 8 year-old basenji Candy in 2002 and had her for 6 wonderful years before I sadly had to humanely euthanize her . I adopted 3 y.o. Lucy (mix) in February & then 3 weeks ago adopted 3 y.o. basenji Rusty. I will post pics of my beautiful babies soon. Glad to be here!!!

  • Denise, welcome!

  • Welcome Denise! I look forward to seeing pictures of your babies.

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