• Fortunately the dog park was fairly empty today! I bought some plastic Easter eggs and put a square of Solid Gold Beef jerky in each egg (they open easily with a bite or paw swat). We only had 8 basenjis there today so while everyone else went for a walk, I hid 18 Easter Eggs around trees and under dried leaves. When they got back it wasn't long before their noses found the eggs. It was really cute, some just rolled the eggs around, some picked them up and put them down, finally one discovered that a gentle 'bite' released the treat. Eddie was very proficient at the paw swat, which also opened them. No one argued over the treats, they hunted for a few minutes and when all were gone, they knew it.
    Normally bringing treats to the park is a BAD IDEA, but no other dogs were in our area today, and the Basenji pack had a bit of fun!

  • Drat, my photos didn't attach, I'll keep trying!

  • First Basenji's

    That sounds like so much fun!

  • Sounds like a fun time…. would love to see the pics!

  • Do keep trying to post the pics, MacPack - the pictures of the egg hunt should be quite cute - all the pups, including my girls loved it and we all thank you so much for bringing the eggs!

  • What a great idea, glad they all had fun

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