I have a secret

A long long time ago - in a galaxy far away - I WAS in high school. I WAS in marching band and my marching band ever 5 years - gets together we practice and march in the Memorial Day Parade in Camillus NY.

So if any of you are in the area - Memorial Day - and you come to the parade - look for one of the 'more mature' majorettes - it'll be me. Here is the video from the last time we gathered.


How cool…what a great "secret"..will it be recorded ?

I wonder how many of us on the forum have cool secrets to share? 😃

Well last time we did it - it was so probably. As a side note I put my grad year on the back of my shirt - as did then the rest of the 'twirlers'. I figured if I dropped the baton - it would be 'oh she dropped it' but with my grad year they would say, "wow she can still bend over and pick it up." LOL

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