• Today was graduation for most of the puppies in our puppy kindergarten class. We only started two weeks ago and still have several weeks until we actually graduate but we got to play all the graduation games. We got honorable mention in the greeting behavior game, the goal was to for the dogs to stay seated while greeted by a person. She did really well except for the kids who would run up calling her name then she just wiggled and wiggled while they petted her. We also got honorable mention in the loose lead walking competition. Our instructor was very impressed having trained our other 3 who are still working on this behavior. Most impressive of all, Sophie beat every other dog in class, 2 Catahoulas, 2 whippets, 1 cocker spaniel, 1 pitbull, and 1 shepherd mix at recall. She was the fastest and most enthusiastic. Sophie won a big stuffed duck which she loves.

  • The class sounds like it was alot of fun. Well done Lisa and Sophie. 🙂

  • Way to go Sophie! And a high paw!

  • sophie is a good girl! great job, lvoss!

  • Yay Sophie! Congrats lvoss.

  • Here is a tired Sophie with her duck that she brought up on the couch to sleep with.


  • That is adorable - way to go Soph!

  • Adorable pic, way to go Sophie congrats little one

  • OMG that duck is as big as her! XD
    well done ❤
    another reason I love this breed, they are so smart and fast learners ❤


  • Atta GIRL!! Congratulations. I wish Hollie would walk on a loose lead. Instead she PULLS me everywhere. Any suggestions?

  • AWWWW way to go Sophie!! You're sure did EARN your big yellow duck 😃 😃 😃

  • I think the Levels Training at http://www.dragonflyllama.com is very good. With my adults that pull, we started by working in a park on a long line. We would get their attention and ever time they came next to us, click and treat, or "good dog" and treat. It didn't take too long to figure out that staying near us got them the treats. Once they got the hang of that we put on the standard 6 foot lead and started rewarding loose leash and not rewarding a tight leash, which means not moving forward. Over the past 2 years we have reached a point where they for the most part walk on a loose leash except when they are very excited, like they see cat, the lure, or something else that really works them up. Loose leash is something we work on all the time but they really do get better with consistency.

    With a young puppy it is actually easier because their natural inclination is to follow near you so I reward that heavily and it seems to be working.

  • I do want to say that I think I have an advantage on Recall with both Sophie and Rio. They were both born in my house and have known my voice since in the womb. They both respond very enthusiastically to me and my husband. My other two are not bad at recall but it is not the same reaction as I get from the two born here.

  • That's a great idea for loose leash training…we've tried EVERYTHING & it's still a challenge.

    We've tried the stop & turn every time they pull....we've tried the change directions every few seconds to keep them focused on us...we've tried the walking in front of them & calling them to use every few feet...

    Well you get the point LOL 😃

  • At least its not just me!!! Glad to know I have some company in my misery. I guess the basenji just likes to LEAD!!??!! We have been doing the walk and stop if she pulls thing, for a while now and she is better, but I am beginning to think it will never end. Thanks for the advice!!

  • We also have tried a few different methods (for quite some time for each). The stop and turn thing, I thought was a great idea, but it didn't work with us either. She didn't mind changing direction she just liked leading in ANY direction. We finally got the harness type leash (not the head harness) and it has stopped her completely from pulling. It's kind of wierd because she still CAN pull but now when she gets to the end of the leash (we have a 16' leash) she will stop and wait for us to catch up (uless there's another dog or something that's very enticing and even that pulling is not as aggressive as it used to be with a traditional collar/leash.

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