The reason why i bought a Basenji

  • Free Satellite T.V.

  • First Basenji's


    Sorry! The reception's breaking up a bit... I'm getting some attitudinal interference.

  • But it's got 2 antennas in the middle!

  • Oh goodness! That is just adorable! I want a martian just like that one. 🙂

  • Poor thing!:)

  • Ya poor guy wasn't to happy to wear it. He had just been neutered.

  • First Basenji's

    Awwww…. mine looked like that after he got neutered...

    But in all seriousness, why did you all get your Basenji(s)?

    When I started looking for a dog I knew nothing about the bread and wanted a Husky. Funny thing here is what i liked: Triangular ears, curled tail, athletic build, graceful walk and run, natural instincts... I bet you'd think I was talking about a Basenji. But its really what makes the Husky and the basenji similar in looks and attitude. Other Basenji Pros, cleanliness, NO BARKING (he does make noise in his crate), no panting and excess saliva (haha), smaller then husky, less hair-less shedding and beautiful Tri-Color.

    I guess you can say, the more I read up on the Basenji the more I knew the breed was for me. 🙂

  • @Kenji24, I was in the same boat as you. I originally wanted a Doberman Pinscher. But my allergies wouldn't be able to tolerate such a big dog. My wife and I, looked through all the hypoallergenic dogs and the Basenji kept creeping up on us. Eventually we did our research and fell in love with the breed.

    Of course no dog is completely dander free and at first i had trouble tolerating Frankies presence but eventually I became a bit more immune. I still act up from time to time but overall everything worked out! I'm still hoping one day to get a Doberman but i will never NOT have a basenji = )

  • Houston

    How funny…poor little guy..the cone of shame..:)

  • @Kenji24:

    But in all seriousness, why did you all get your Basenji(s)

    I first knew of the breed as a teenager, loving their prancing movement. Later, in my early adult years, I saw one in San Francisco and squealed with delight. My sister Rose plugged her ears. I think the sound that came out of me was in the upper range of Mariah Carey's notes. When I knew my soulmate cat Barney was soon to pass over the Bridge, I began researching the basenji seriously. Believe it or not, I liked their headstrongness combined with the fact they loved to be a lap dog. For me, that was a perfect combination.

  • I thought this was about getting one, lol. We do have a great thread on why people got into the breed:

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