• Hi all,
    I have been a Basenji owner for the last 16+ years. I have my 4 & 5 th , before I go into them I would like to at least list my first 3 may they be running around happy with everyone else over the rainbow bridge. 1st was Sebastian a beautiful regal red & white male died of Fanconi complications at age 7. 2nd was Shanghai a total beautiful red & white female their long story on her but I think she passed away due to complications as well. Their came my 3rd my first Brindle Morpheus he was so mellow loving he died of complications due to Fanconi at age 11. His little sister still shrives and is healthy my 4th and my second brindle my 5th and their names are Shai is now 9 red & white female only 16 lbs & Mhotep my 1 year old gorgeous brindle male is 26 lbs. Anyway I live all over San Diego. From Encinitas to Rancho Bernardo. I hear there are get togethers and I have heard many stories of the one at Rancho Postal Humane Societies dog park. I would love to meet other B Mummies. & Daddies. Please email me snoopyslove@gmail.com.

  • Wow! You've been through a lot! Welcome to the forum:)

  • I agree, you really have been through a lot. Hopefully your boy's sire and dam were DNA tested for Fanconi so that you never have to go through that again.

  • Houston

    Welcome..so glad to have you onboard.

  • A big welcome to you and your basenjis. Have you had your current basenjis tested for Fanconi?

  • Welcome to the forum - what a shame that you've had such experiences with your previous Basenjis - I do hope that your current ones are well and will live a long and healthy life

  • Welcome to the Forums, Amber!! Glad you found a boy to join Shai in making more Basenji mischief.


  • Hi, I have two Basenjis and would like to know if any of the Basenjis owner in San Diego area (PB area) would like to meet up at the dog park. I live in
    Pacific Beach. I normally take them to Capehart Dog Park or Mission Trails.

  • Welcome 🙂

  • Hi and welcome. I am East coast so can't meet up but would love to see your doggie pics and learn about you and them!

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