Pippin and the stolen butter knife…

Oh goodness, mine have always played with the skins after "de-stuffing"…. and in fact they make the greatest baby puppy toys.. and when dirty, into the washer..

You gotta love em otherwise you will skin them


You gotta love'em otherwise you'll skin them

this is awesome and so true..my new motto..

Even after the years we've had Basenjis we do still make the mistake of leaving objects around - we get complacent because the glasses etc. have been ok for some time - well that is until the chewing happens!

Yeah mine play after they are destuffed, but Cara (and Sayblee before her) get great joy from squeezing which they no longer do.

Amen to glasses… after each of us lost 2 pairs each... and had "ear" pieces replaced and the "bent" part fixed... I was thinking the other day... hey... have not lost a pair of glasses in quite a while.... That was the kiss of death!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just want to make one little suggestion…. if you are really thinking about showing, you need to take off his collar in the house or secure yard time... collars on show dogs break the hair and leave marks.... just something to think about as to get all that to grow back can take months

I never leave my boy's collar on for more than ten minutes at a time if he's outside. Soon as he comes through the door, he knows to wait 'cause the collar comes off. It always does.

He makes me laugh with his, "I wasn't born with that thing around my neck" look.

Five sets of earphones!!!! gone. On average, once a week!!, You would think I learned the first time… the say humans are the only species that will trip on the same rock twice!!!!

Awwww!! He is SOOO adorable! I love the close up of that innocent face and the one of him on the top of his crate. 🙂
The rest are all so funny, too.


Thank you DexterDex..:)

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