CA-Tri Female in Los Angeles County-Downey Shelter

  • There is a Tri Female in the Los Angeles County-Downey Shelter. She is in the lost section and is supposedly spayed and estimated to be six years old. I have no idea how the shelter knows she is spayed. She has only been there since yesterday 2/21/11. She is on

    Here is her website:


  • I just sent an email to Karen at So CAL Basenji rescue.

  • I know that some places, will give a small tatto on the bitches belly to show the spay has been done. My Ms. Wheat has a small green tat. Trendy, but I helpful. I was looking for a spay scar..I don't see one, and she has a very white skin belly..
    So, this will help others know she has been fixed…fyi.

  • Called the shelter about this dog, they said she is supposed to be adopted on Friday… I'll email Karen and see if she is getting this pup, if not I can call the shelter back and ask that the new owners get referred on to the forums. 🙂

  • Karen is gonna get her, all is well!!

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