CA-Tri Female in Los Angeles County-Downey Shelter

There is a Tri Female in the Los Angeles County-Downey Shelter. She is in the lost section and is supposedly spayed and estimated to be six years old. I have no idea how the shelter knows she is spayed. She has only been there since yesterday 2/21/11. She is on

Here is her website:


I just sent an email to Karen at So CAL Basenji rescue.

I know that some places, will give a small tatto on the bitches belly to show the spay has been done. My Ms. Wheat has a small green tat. Trendy, but I helpful. I was looking for a spay scar..I don't see one, and she has a very white skin belly..
So, this will help others know she has been fixed…fyi.

Called the shelter about this dog, they said she is supposed to be adopted on Friday… I'll email Karen and see if she is getting this pup, if not I can call the shelter back and ask that the new owners get referred on to the forums. 🙂

Karen is gonna get her, all is well!!

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