• Benny was chained up in the back yard, and got stuck around a bush. I went outside to get him untangled and he got loose from me, I turned around and there was a brindle pit bull in my yard. Benny ran up to him and the dog got a hold of his back leg. Benny screamed, I got a bat and ran up to the dog and he ran off. Benny was walking on three legs and had about 20 bite marks on him and was bleeding mildly.

    Took Benny to the vet, he doesn't think anything is broken or dislocated… gave him preventative antibiotics and something for pain. He's walking better, but still a little gingerly.

    I've seen the dog around the neighborhood before, off the leash. He's even ran in my back yard and tried to attack Benny before. I did not call the police, because I don't know who is owner is.

  • That is scary. I would call the police immediately. He has already attacked your Benny and what if that dogs attacks a child in your neighborhood? Once the police catch the dog they will find out who the owner is.. That is very irresponsible and dangerous!! Im glad Benny is alright and getting better!

  • How fortunate that you happened to be there when the other dog got in your yard. I'm very glad to hear that Benny will be fine.

    Is your yard not secure that you have to chain Benny up? A chained up dog is at the mercy of any angry dog that gets in your yard.

  • Unfortunately it's not fenced in and we don't have the money to get it fenced in at the moment. We do live in a nice neighborhood and dogs don't usually rome around off of their leashes… but this is the one dog I've seen a number of times in the last year off his leash.

  • Benny was chained up in the back yard, and got stuck around a bush. I went outside to get him untangled and he got loose from me….He's even ran in my back yard and tried to attack Benny before

    I understand no money issues. But please do not ever chain him out again… ever. Get a long line, go out with him to play and potty. The fact that this has happened before with this dog in your yard and you still put Benny out at the mercy of being killed truly concerns me. Many people don't have fences. Chaining a dog out like that really is putting his life in danger.

  • Houston

    Poor Benny, so sorry this happened to him and you. I agree, don't chain him up, he has no way of protecting himself should another dog or animal come in and attck him he is stuck..taking the beating.

  • He has a long line, but this happened off of the leash. I unhooked him to get his leash untangled and he pulled away unexpectedly when he saw the dog in his yard. Went up to the dog and the dog attacked. His scream sounded like a 5 year old girl's… I felt so bad for him. I will make sure to take extra caution when he is outside for sure. I actually have since the Summer, when a neighborhood lady's dog was killed by a coyote. I blame myself for not putting him inside before I started untangling his leash. I will make sure I report the incident tomorrow. I spoke with a neighbor just now and they think they know whose dog it is, so I'll get their address tomorrow and notify the police and/or dog warden.

  • Okay trying again. On leash, off leash, the dog was outside on his own chained up. Had he not tangled, had you not been out, the dog would/could have killed him before you ever got out into the yard. Please do not put him outside ever again unless you are physically out there with him. That is the only way to responsibly keep him safe without a fence.

  • usually in our town, if you report whether you know the owner or not, they keep a record. all this adds up for a file on the dog. probably that will help in taking action against the owner. Maybe a small enclosed kennel for your pup. We have a 10x10x6 kennel that is covered with wire on the top to keep the dogs from getting out, but also protects them from anything getting in. they are safe and out side. and they dont get tangled or loose. and it was very reasonable from our farm and home. less than $200. i have a picture on my profile.

  • In my opinion it's the best thing to contact the police whether you know who the owner is or not. This dog could do serious damageand the trauma to Bennie must be horrendous.

    I hope that you won't be leaving him outside like that again!

  • My Anubis is on a 40 ft tie out in my back yard (No fence) but he is NEVER left outside unattended. I ALWAYS stay with him and watch him when he is outside. We've had dogs come around but I am always out there to scare them off (Anubis thinks he can whoop any dog in the neighborhoods butt which is a recipe for disaster). When hes done pooing playing and peeing we go inside.

  • OMG, pls. let us know how Benny is doing after all those bites…

    If I were you, I would still report the incident to the police or Animal Control... It doesn't matter if you don't know who the owner is...This would establish history and should the owner be identified, then there's documentation that the proper authorities can look back to...

    Also, you said you've seen this pit bull before... If you see that dog again, maybe you can observe it (from a safe distance, of course) and maybe he'll lead you to its home... But safety (your safety) is priority one... Just my $0.02...

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