Benny, Willow and Bear Looking for the Kitties!!!!

  • New camera, much better quality pictures. It finally above freezing here, so we are looking for the ferral cats that like to torment Benny, Willow and Bear. (No cats were harmed in the making of these pictures).

  • Those are great shots, Dean! What camera did you wind up getting? Electronic technology is so amazing - every couple of years there are real evident changes in the workings of cameras.

  • I got a GE X5. List price was $175 and I got it for $99. It takes excellent pictures. Not real fancy, but I don't need fancy, just good pictures.

    The camera does allow me to resize the pics to make uploads managable.

  • Houston

    Great pictures, love'em when they are on the couch back like that..

  • We are waiting for our new living room furniture. The 8 year old couch has an "owie". It was started by a pair of birds - A Conure and a ****atiel.
    The program won't print the type of bird, I believe the program thinks it is an obscenity
    They would sit on Mommy's shoulder and pick at it.
    Then, before Willow moved in with us, she would come to visit and she would suckle on it.
    Then the Great Dane puppy would suckle on it.
    Finally, Benny suckled on it and chewed on it and really tore it up.
    It won't print the type of bird, I believe the program thinks it is an obscinity

  • Lovely pictures - I'm glad that we have no feral cats!! The local domestic ones are in enough danger here! My Basenjis don't distinguish between their prey - rabbit or cat if it's furry (except their own of course!

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