Willow and Kai pics

Let me apologize if the pics don't show up - I'm still figuring this out.

Anyway, here they are! Willow is in the first two pics, and the next two are Kai. We go to get them on Saturday. They are 11 weeks old in these pics.

We are flying home with them in the cabin (pray for us). I've decided it's all going to be okay. Even if it's not, the flight can't last forever, right? Anyway, I am past the point of being easily embarrassed and am just going to be in my happy place for the travel part of this adventure.

In the meantime, I can't stand the waiting!

They are adorable 🙂

Good luck on your travels…

Both beautiful little chubby puppies! I will think the best for you on your travels to get them home. Don't worry about what people on the plane will think. If they see these adorable faces you will find that you will be inundated with questions and have the opportunity to see the magic of the basenji! 🙂 People cannot resist these adorable creatures!

They are totally adorable. The first picture looks like a calendar shot. Puppies always melt our hearts. The names are also really nice - keep the pics coming!

I can smell the puppy breath from here!!!! So cute & healthy!!!!!

I am soooo jealous, beautiful.

Very nice looking babies!

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