• They love eachother so much!!!

    They play every day so sweet (I never leave their sight) 😃
    Chafuko's loves it to hear Ryan laugh, and he will yodel.
    When he yodels Ryan laugh very very hard and they run to eachother, after eachother (I wish Chaffie gives me the same sweet treatment as he does with ryan haha)
    And finally they will end up on the couch together and hug for a while… 🙂
    With Buana he hugs mostly, they both love it to have contact.
    Ryan likes to put his head on Buana to have a rest.. Buana gives him a little kiss and they rest like this for a while. 🙂
    So very sweet, and again I'm amazed by the fact Ryan is so carefull and treat the animals with so much respect.
    I really didn't know kids from that age know you can't pull their tail or ears and you can't keep running after them. He is a true doctor Doolittle 😃

    His very first word he can speak that well is: James.... hahahahaha

  • Great pics!!! They're so sweet with one another!!! :p:):p:)

  • It's so special when you are able to capture great moments in a picture. Like Ryan pointing to the paw and the one where he is standing in some adults' rain boots.

    Regarding the ear pulling, Ryan has obviously picked up respect for animals through your actions. You have lots to be proud of - what a lovely family you have!

  • Thank you, we are very proud.. Both Kas and me are living for animals.. and Ryan is seeing that every day…

  • Houston

    Adorable..absolutely adorable..you have some very lucky boys in your life..

  • Your boy's are so special. You both are doing a great job of raising your little man and he is handsome.

    Rita Jean

  • First Basenji's

    This is completely random, but when I saw this video, I thought of your baby Ryan:


    … remember when I said he could grow up to tame lions and wolves?

    I imagine that this man may have grown up in the type of animal-friendly environment that you are providing for Ryan. But this is pure speculation. 🙂

  • I love the Rooster hair style!

  • It's good to see more pictures of the family. Ryan is the way he is because of how you've brought him up. He's a real credit to yuo and I'm sure you're very proud of him. It would be wonderful if other parents followed your examples.

  • Thank you so much!

    I was just going to post some new pictures 🙂

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