Pictures of Ryan and his brothers

Ryan was eating a cookie and the boys were (of course) trying to be so nice Ryan would feed them…

You don't get my cookie but you can get a kiss 🙂

I love you

Watching tv together

Sweet boys

They are so sweet together, Ryan is in a fase that he is looking how far he can get with us but with the animals he is so carefull.
I teached him were their tail, ears and eyes are and that he can't pull them..
So what does he do? he puts his arm around their chest and give them a kiss 😃
The boys are loving him 😃

Awwww…how cute! You must be so proud of all three of your boys!

How respectful Chaffie and Buana are of Ryan eating his cookie. Very well behaved - all of them!

What great boys all three love the pictures and little Ryan is getting so big and still just as handsome. I know one thing for sure no need to waste the wipes on the face and hands looks like they really do stay clean.

Rita Jean

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