• I've mentioned my Great Dane Chelo a couple of times. Thought I'd post some pictures of him for you all to see. He passed away last april, but he was amazing. Here he is at my mothers house and the picture in the grass is at a place called Jarabacoa, which is up in the mountains. I was working for a few months there and rented a house , ( beautifull wooden house from the 1940;s) with 42,000 meters of land around it, Im not sure how many acres that is)
    I took him with me and he had the greatest time. I am so glad we got to spend his last summer in a place like that. He loved it there, and he loved being with all of us (my family and friends).

  • He looks like a great dog, and he was lucky to spend time in such a beautiful place, with his loving human.

  • Looks like a noble (and well loved animal)

  • Thank you, he was great and noble….it's a shame they have such short lives, although I know any amount of time is short when you have to say goodbye....

  • Houston

    What a beautiful regal boy..Stunning. So sorry he passed over the bridge of rainbows already.
    Thank you for sharing him with us.

  • Chelo looks like he was a gentle giant. You touched each others' lives - a gift for both of you. Thank you for sharing the pictures and his story.

  • I found some other pictures of that summer in Jarabacoa . Here are a couple more…
    One is with some of my nephews , im the one in the middle with Chelo, and the other photo is chelo with the beautiful Valentina!

  • Lovely pictures of Chelo

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