Not a great way to relax…..

  • How's this for an email to get from the university your daughter attends and at which she is a member of the police force and is on duty?:

    **JFK Library has been evacuated due to a possible bomb threat. Updated imformation forthcoming as it becomes available. Everyone, stay away from JFK Library.

    Then I get a text message from her saying, " 'I LOVE YOU' ", just in case this goes badly".

    VERY STRESSFUL couple of hours.

    All is well now, the library has been searched and cleared…but oy. Suddenly I HATE that she chose to go into Criminal Justice.

    Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

  • OMG! I can only imagine how stressful that was…Glad to hear all is well now.

  • Good God! How scary! Glad everything is okay!!

  • I think that is for sure a mother's worst nightmare! Well, one of them anyway. Glad she is safe & everything is clear!

  • OMG…the e-mail would have been bad enough, the text message would have had me over the top frantic. I'm SO glad everything turned out alright.

  • Glad to hear everything turned out okay. I agree that the text message would have sent me over the edge also.

  • Yeah – it was not fun for me.

    SHE, on the other hand, called me late last night all excited about it and how this will go in her record as an "experience" which will help her when she's job hunting.

    oh. yay.

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