L'Ox on a Country Walk

Today was a great day for a walk with the dogs. We packed up Sophie and L'Ox and took them for a country walk with some friends and their dogs.

In addition to our 2 basenjis there were a whippet, a border terrier, a collie, a german shepherd, 2 labs, a Norwegian elkhound, a havanese, and a lhasa apso

That's nice place to go walk, is that in California? .. Again, so jealous of those wide open , people and car free spaces!! We just don't have that…

It is in California. We live near a good bit of farm land. This particular walk is along a slough. It is out of the way and there is a small canal on the other side so the dogs pretty much have no where to go unless they want to take a dip which the basenjis definately opt out of.

Kewl. Looks like fun for all.

That's convenient, specially for the basenjis!,… California is beautifull, my family lived ther for 6 years during the revolution ( in Dominican republic) but I wasn't born yet.. I have cousins there in LA, and San Francisco!

Love it - quite the selection of dogs on that walk!


Very nice and oh so much fun.

L'ox has grown into a nice looking Dog. Your walk looks like fun.

It's good to see pictures of L'Ox again - quite the young man now!

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