Some Pictures From Our Walk

Just some pictures from our morning walk:


Riley swimming:

Chloe Rolling:

Looks like you all had a great time, you can see the poor joy in Maya's face. Love Delilah's serious face and Chloe and Riley being, well Labs.
Can't wait untill we can take Malaika out.

Maya looks all grown up. She doesn't have that wiggly teen look anymore, but is striking as an "adult". Looks like great fun was had by all, wonderful place you have for your walk.

Here's a video too:

We are very lucky to have hundreds of acres of beautiful farmland on our doorstep, it is so relaxing to walk them on it.

Delilah is serious all of the time, im sure she enjoys it really, but she has a permanent concerned look on her face lol!

Maya is definately looking more grown up! Much less puppyish (not in her behaviour though of course lol). She's certainly the fittest she has ever been too, she gets between 2 and 3 hours off lead walking every day so she is a very fit girl! Wish i was as fit with all the walking we are doing lol Maybe i need to run around with her!


Happy dogs..they have the best of times..
Thanks for sharing.

Giddy up little Basenji! What a great place to let them run.

Cute. Doesn't seem like there was much "walking" going on that morning. 🙂

Great pics! It's always nice to see happy dogs running and playing 🙂

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