• We drove out to Indiana and met with the BCOSW Rescue Coordinator on Friday. We adopted one of Abby's pups. Vixen's new name is Daisy. She is 9 weeks old already. I was successful uploading just a few photos into Photobucket. These photos were taken at the pet friendly hotel. We spent Thursday night there, anticipating our Friday morning union. Daisy is so sweet.

    Here you can see the banter begin in the hotel room. Lisa & Wanda from the BCOSW helped with their introduction . . . It continues until they're napping or in their crates. Duke is real pushy intervening attention by us with Daisy. Even though he gets more than his fair share of love & attention. Does anyone know how long this will last? Any suggestions?

    Daisy gets right back in Duke's face though. She is not afraid of him. He puts his teeth on her, I get nervous, because he is so much bigger and stronger than her. She goes after his stubby tail. He springs up on the sofa to get out of her way. She goes under the sofa to get out of his way. Then they're off and running again. 😕 The dynamic in our home has once again changed. I hope that Duke will calm down again.

  • How adorable! And P.S. I'm still waiting for my girl to calm down from October when we brought our boy into the house!

  • @annandael:

    How adorable! And P.S. I'm still waiting for my girl to calm down from October when we brought our boy into the house!

    Oh Great! :eek:

  • Aww! Adorable!

  • they are adorable together! hahaha, you guys are going to have your hands full. duke is still very young. oh the trouble they will get into together!
    and your little boy (human) is the cutest one of all!

  • Yep! I know what I got myself into, just didn't know exactly. Poor little Daisy wants to chew so bad. She likes shoes, wood moulding and my sofa. I have sprayed Bitter Apple on almost everything. I give her a chewy to replace the chewing behavior on the inappropriate things. BUT . . . Duke swipes it away from her. I have to sit and guard her so she can chew. I did that last night, Duke watched her chew and warbled the whole time. I'm going to have to separate them so she gets some good chewing action and away from Duke.

  • Oh she is sooooo cute! Things really will get better Jill! I have been running around with the Bitter Apple too!

  • What a cutie!! Congrats on your little DAISY 😃 😃

  • Thank you! There are some better pics of Daisy that I'll post later in the Show Off thread.

    Daisy is so soft, sweet and delicate. I don't know how she is still in one piece around Duke. He must be gentler than it looks with his teeth and jaws.:eek: Scarey!

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